Small Groups for Girls

Jen’s Small Groups prepare and equip girls & teens for integrating their faith with daily living, decision-making, and relationships. 

Girls Prayer Groups

Senior High Group 2015_Prayer Walk Girls Small Groups with Christian Counselor Jen Hughes

Passionate & Pure Groups

Jen’s original small group program was created to promote and protect purity for groups of girls ages 6th-12th Grade, divided by grade. As girls seek to develop their identity, the world bombards them with messages that contradict God’s design for relationship with Him and with others. To provide a foundation of Truth, to inspire girls to a pure lifestyle, and to offer support, Passionate & Pure groups encourage girls to pursue an active, personal relationship with Jesus Christ and provide many ideas for how to make this practical in their lives.  For specific information regarding times, locations, and rates, please email

What girls are saying:

“I have learned so much and love going to Passionate & Pure. Thank you for helping me to be a God girl!” Madison – age 13.

“Every time I go to Passionate & Pure, I am overwhelmed by a feeling of peace and purity.” Phoebe – age 14.

“Passionate and Pure is a fun and friendly place where I am always welcomed, loved, and comforted.” Elizabeth – age 15.

“This group with Miss Jen allows me to talk about my faith with girls that I love and trust.” Perry – age 18.

“I have grown so much in my faith since being in this group.” Ashley – age 17.

What moms are saying:

Passionate & Pure serves as the foundation for purity and holds each of my daughter’s hands as the group teaches them to take that walk with the Lord.  As the mother of three teenage girls I can only say that we are truly blessed to have Passionate and Pure!”

“These girls don’t know yet how blessed they will be that God has sent Jen as a messenger to them!”

“Jen has such a valuable gift and service to offer.”


How do Passionate & Pure groups compare to Church groups or Bible studies?

The Passionate & Pure groups are like any other Small Group in the way that small groups help group members grow in a safe environment. And these groups are like Bible Studies in the way that the topics and curriculum are Biblically based. However, there are a few differences in the Passionate & Pure program from church groups. First, this was developed to be a professional program to be operated through The Keeping Room. Second, Jen was trained in Group Facilitation in order to maximize the growth potential of the girls in the groups. Third, while these groups are not therapy groups, they are facilitated by a trained counselor who can be a resource to parents as needed. Finally, Jen customizes the groups for the girls who are in them, in terms of times, dates, location, etc.

Why do you start a focus on purity at such a young age?

At the middle school level, it is often a comfort to parents to know that their daughters are being led in fun activities that are drawing them closer to the Lord and bonding them with other girls whose parents are proactive about their daughter’s faith during the middle school years.

Do you actually talk about sex with my 6th grade child?

No. The primary objective is to inspire your daughter into a relationship with Jesus. At the middle school level, these groups lay a foundation for these girls to love God enough to want to follow His design for all relationships. Often the girls do not bring up relationship topics until 8th grade or older.  However, when sensitive topics are brought up by the girls, this is a sign that the group feels like a safe place to discuss them. The girls are encouraged to talk to their parents, and parents are provided with conversation-starters to use as well.

What curriculum do you use?

Jen’s curriculum has been peer reviewed, research-based, and developed from the Word of God & related resources. These gatherings are covered in prayer & include creative activities to draw these girls into closer relationship with one another & with the Lord. In addition, many resources are continually researched and compiled in order to continually enhance and improve the curriculum. Parents are emailed after every group meeting in order to be made aware of the topics covered, and to be able to continue the dialogue at home.

My daughter is afraid this will be boring or like school. How do I know she will enjoy herself?

It is delightful to see what happens when these girls walk in the door. It is as if they are back in elementary school again. They don’t have to worry about fitting in at Passionate & Pure. The guard comes down and the playfulness comes out. Especially for the middle school girls, many of the activities are in the form of skits, games, and arts & crafts. Fun memories are formed while they are growing closer to the Lord. Because they have so many opportunities to engage in these exciting activities, they are also willing to sit down together and have discussions during the group meeting. Questions are posed for all of the girls to answer out loud so that they hear that they are “not the only one” who feels the pressure to fit in, to belong, to be understood, to be included, to feel accepted, etc. Those are the topics that are relevant to girls in middle school, but they are discussed in such a way that isn’t too heavy and always brings them back to how much God loves them and wants the best for them.

There are some girls in the group who are not my daughter’s friends, and others who we don’t know very well. Wouldn’t it make more sense to only do groups of friends so that they feel comfortable talking about their faith and struggles?

Jen is trained to monitor inner-group behavior. Connections between the girls is observed and on-going effort is made to increase trust. Second, it benefits the girls to see that they often have more in common with other girls than they realize, and such discovery is often found by welcoming all interested girls into these groups. Third, sometimes a girl who has struggled with relationships in the past and has hurt some girls in the group will ask to join the group. By being allowed to participate, she is given the opportunity to mend some fences and grow in maturity. It’s a wonderful way to model grace, second-chances, and forgiveness in a setting that is well supervised. A girl who needs some positive influence has a better chance of changing in a monitored group like this than if she’s never allowed in one.

Why aren’t all girls in your groups, and why have some girls stopped participating?

This program isn’t for everyone and that’s understandable. It meets a need for some girls for some period of time, and that can vary greatly from family to family. Sometimes girls find support in other settings. Whereas, other girls remain in the Passionate & Pure program through their senior year and count it as a huge support to them, and as a way to grow in faith. Those families appreciate the primary foundation of growing a personal relationship with the Lord, and then the purity emphasis that comes as the girls grow older together. Each family can determine whether this program meets a need for them. It definitely seems to be a great fit for girls who thrive in a small group support environment.

I did not live a pure lifestyle when I was younger. How can I expect that from my daughter?

There is nothing wrong with wanting your daughter to avoid the mistakes you made in the past. Nor do these girls necessarily need to know the mistakes their moms made. It might only be a burden for them. Rather, they only need to know you love them enough to teach them what you better understand now about the Lord’s wonderful plans for them.

Why do you arrange the gatherings around our girls’ schedules? Why can’t they just come when they can?

The families in the Passionate & Pure program really appreciate the customized schedule. It enables the girls to have regular attendance and not feel like they have missed out on activities and topics that mean so much to them. It also helps the girls to bond when they see the same girls each time.

Can you also provide individual counseling for my daughter if she is one of your groups?

Absolutely. It’s quite common for girls to meet with Miss Jen for individual counseling. They know she will keep confidential what they share in counseling, and they feel especially comfortable knowing that she spends a lot of time with teens.

Passionate & Prepared Groups

At various times, Jen has extended her Small Group program to include 3rd-5th grade girls, in order to provide them with a foundation grounded in Godliness and to teach them practical skills applicable to their relationships and classroom experiences. By incorporating this teaching in an adult-led group format, the girls are able to witness and practice what Godliness looks like in various situations. Parents are emailed after every group meeting in order to be made aware of the topics covered, and to be able to continue the dialogue at home. For specific information regarding times, locations, and rates, please email

Valiant & Pure Groups

At various times, Jen has formed Middle and High School boys’ groups to encourage Godly, honorable manhood.

  • Professional Certification & Affiliations

    Jen Hughes, M.A. is a Board Certified Christian Counselor by the Georgia Board of Examiners for Christian Counselors & Therapists.

    Jen Hughes, M.A. is a member of the following professional organizations: Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC) and American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC).

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