She’s Got The Wrong Guy: A Book Review

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Book Reviews, Relationships

This newly released book is a first-rate choice for any girl who dates…and for those who love her.

Divided into three sections, readers will better understand 1) why smart women settle, 2) the guys who fall into various “wrong guy” categories and 3) how to move forward. An active Biblical Counseling Pastor, Deepak Reju sympathizes with the contemporary challenges to dating, and his book provides many great examples of the dating dilemmas commonly encountered today. At the same time, he never falters from showing dating women that their greatest need is to build their lives around Christ first.

Some quotes from the explanation section

“Fear of rejection can be so overwhelming that she doesn’t feel worthy unless a man finds her worthy of his attention.”

“Often they are simply afraid to believe that good men do exist.”

“The woman’s ‘blindness’ is deliberate because she desperately desires to be married.”

“She wrestles with fears constantly.”

“What you think you need, and what you actually need, might be two different things.”

Some of the “wrong guys”

The Control Freak

The Unchurched Guy

The Angry Man

The Passive Man

The Unteachable Guy

Some quotes from the conclusion

“The imperfect guy – the one who is growing in Christ and still has growing to do as he figures out how to be a boyfriend and a husband – give him a chance. Ditch the problematic man. Stay away from him.”

“A bad marriage is not better than struggling through singleness.”

“An already hard life is made harder when your desire for happiness takes center-stage in your life.”

“Rather than waiting for a man, a baby, a job or a house (all of which are uncertain), we wait on someone who is always certain.”

“Put first things first, and second things second.”

Revelation 2:4 reminds: Don’t forsake your first love.

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