The Lord May Work in Mysterious Ways, But He Wants You to be His Private Eye

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If you’re going through a hard season of life right now, you may be responding according to human nature:

  • feeling anxious and worrying over what is next
  • thinking the worst is happening
  • doubting God’s good plan for you
  • grasping for control
  • succumbing to depression
  • losing sleep trying to solve all your problems
  • resisting the complexities of your situation
  • beating yourself up for all the mistakes you’ve made
  • fretting over how wrong you were about God’s leading
  • resenting the unknowns and incomplete puzzle of your life
  • increasing in anger because of the suffering God is allowing
  • wanting to give up

But there is a much healthier way to respond to this hard time in your life.

You are called to “steward the mysteries of God.” (1 Cor. 4:1) 

What does “stewarding the mysteries of God” mean and how do you do it? You assume a good God is leaving you clues in everything that happens and then you become an investigator of Him and His actions.

Review the following list for ideas of how to “steward the mysteries of God” rather than giving in to human nature:

*When the test scores/grades/performance review comments don’t come back in your favor, be on the look for Him to enhance your current abilities or give you new skills.

*When people you thought were your friends completely betray you, be on the look for Him to bring you new relationships that have your best interest at heart.

*When you find yourself in deep trouble, be on the look for Him to rush to your rescue through a human hero or divine circumstance.

*When it seems like you’re doing everything right but it’s still not good enough, be on the look for Him to give you a deeper experience with His grace.

*When your situation takes you through some scary times, be on the look for Him to give you a whole new level of faith.

*When you think God is leading you to make a decision for one reason and you later find out it was for a completely different reason, be on the look for Him to be delighting in His surprises for you.

*When you give yourself fully to something and He pulls you to something else, be on the look for His consistency and faithfulness to become more meaningful to you.

*When you feel completely lost and begin to lose hope, be on the look for Him to teach you how to really pray and obey His Word.

*When you think you’ve covered all the details and something still falls apart, be on the look for God to take care of more important specifics you didn’t even think about.

*When you don’t like something one bit but then He does an incredible work in your heart, be on the look for Him to get everyone’s attention for what He did in you and for you.

*When you’ve had all your loved ones praying for you because you were facing such a struggle, be on the look for Him to have grown everyone else’s faith as much as yours, as well as give you the blessing of having your very own prayer team.

*When you’re so exhausted you think you have nothing left in you, be on the look for Him to draw even closer to you with a comfort and refreshment customized just for you.

*When you think things are always going to be miserable, be on the look for Him to start showering you with unexpected fun.

*When you think everything you’re doing is all a waste, be on the look for Him to redeem every bit of it (in His perfect timing) and give you a whole new appreciation for His work in your life.

*When you feel like every time you turn around you’re being attacked, be on the look for Him to fight your battles resulting in a supernatural, eternal victory.

*When it seems that everyone else has it easier than you, be on the look for Him to show you why He didn’t put you on the same path as anyone else.

*When He seems to be taking away something good, be on the look for Him to replace it with something better.

*When things have been so rough you don’t even recognize yourself anymore, be on the look for Him to give you a new version of yourself that you like a lot better than the old you.

*When others are watching what’s going on in your life more than you would have chosen, be on the look for Him to make you feel more loved.

*When things take an unexpected turn, be on the look for Him to take you into the past and show you all the kind ways He’s been leading you here all along.

*When this chapter of your life comes to an end, be on the look for Him to give you the sweetest, most fulfilling rewards possible.

Practice and enjoy being a steward of the mysteries of God! (1 Cor. 4:1) 

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