God 501: A Powerful Visual of you and Jesus

by | Dec 20, 2017 | God 501 Series

Think about the last time you experienced a time of trial. Now recall when things got better. Do you envision a worn-out picture of yourself, having survived despite your circumstances (and thanks to God’s grace all around)?

Have you ever wondered if there might be another way to exit a period of hardship?

Consider what the onlooker in Song of Solomon said about the woman as she reappeared: “Who is this coming up from the wilderness, leaning upon her Beloved?”

Would you like to see such a well-loved image of yourself embracing your Lord as you climb back to the peak? And would you like to have others see this in you as well?

Simple Takeaway: This Child who was born unto us – Counselor, Mighty God, Prince of Peace – awaits for us to cling to Him during the hard times. If this relationship with Him is what brings you through suffering, others will take notice, and you will absolutely endure like you never imagined.

 (Song 8:5, Is. 9:6)


Footnote about this article: 500 level courses are great for learning and expanding upon the basics of any subject without being boring and elementary. When it comes to the subject of God, a lot of the basics have been lost in this modern age. So, this article is the third in a one-of-a-kind series entitled: God 501. These unique 501 articles will be geared for 1) those of you who appreciate refresher Biblical messages through lesser-known verses and 2) for many others who missed out on some Biblical teaching somewhere along the way and would appreciate a non-intimidating, fresh way to catch up.


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