God 501: Why is Grace so Amazing?

by | Dec 13, 2017 | God 501 Series

Both Christians and non-Christians find themselves frequently bothered by the lack of perfection on earth, though for different reasons. Generally, Christians get upset over the lack of perfection because they believe in the goodness of God, which causes them to long for His full perfection at a time when darkness is all around them. Often, non-Christians have strong reactions to imperfection because they want to believe in goodness of mankind, which causes them to become frustrated when people inevitably fail them.

God’s grace literally rushes in to respond to this world’s deficit of perfection. In fact, there’s so much of God’s grace on this planet that it’s literally overflowing everywhere. And that makes it incredibly easy to take for granted.

The antidote to inattentiveness to grace is to think about the most significant time grace impacted your life:

For some period of time in your life you were unaware that your “first father sinned” (Adam) – making you born a sinner. Then, by the Lord’s grace, “He brought you, the blind, by a way you did not know. He led you on a path that you had not known. He made darkness light before you and crooked places straight. He did it all for you.”

In other words, God’s grace came to you when you were still blind to it. (Is. 42:16, 43:27, Rom. 3:11, 5:8)

Then His grace opened your eyes so that you could see that you had been rescued. (Ps. 146:8)

Simple Takeaway:  When you’re tempted to become distracted or even discouraged by living in a fallen world, return your attention to grace. If it weren’t for God’s grace you wouldn’t even follow Him. And if it weren’t for His grace constantly at work in this sinful place, the earth would have self-destructed long ago. And that is why grace is so amazing.


Footnote about this article: 500 level courses are great for learning and expanding upon the basics of any subject without being boring and elementary. When it comes to the subject of God, a lot of the basics have been lost in this modern age. So, this article is the second in a one-of-a-kind series entitled: God 501. These unique 501 articles will be geared for 1) those of you who appreciate refresher Biblical messages through lesser-known verses and 2) for many others who missed out on some Biblical teaching somewhere along the way and would appreciate a non-intimidating, fresh way to catch up.

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