Christian Counseling for Youth & Parents

What to Expect: The Counselor, Jen Hughes

  • As a Christian counselor, everything Jen does is out of her devotion for the Lord and His people.
  • As a counselor for youth and parents, Jen’s style is casual, engaging, creative, flexible, and approachable.

What to Expect: Approach

  • Grace, hope, acceptance, love, and God-focused solution counseling
  • The use of professional research that aligns with Biblical truth
  • Ministering to spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and relational needs
  • Sensitivity to personality type, interests, and culture of those in counseling
  • Compassionate, skilled, and purposeful listening that validates those in need
  • An invitation for those in counseling to  determine the goals of counseling and to take ownership in the work to be done
  • An emphasis on spiritual condition, extent of community and discipleship, and God’s purposes
  • Prayer prior to and during appointments
  • The study and use of Scripture on behalf of those in counseling
  • Relying upon the Holy Spirit before, during, and after appointments
  • Doting attention in-between appointments

What to Expect: Location

  • Meeting together at parks, eateries, or coffee shops is especially popular with teens and children.
  • Jen’s personal office in Peachtree Corners serves those with more private needs.
  • In-home counseling is also provided as a great option in some cases.

What to Expect: Fees

  • Jen is not on any insurance plans, but instead offers reasonable rates and options.
  • $80/hour for adults & teens who come regularly for a period of time.
  • $50/half-hour for kids & tweens who come regularly for a period of time.
  • $100/hour for first appointments, one-time appointments, or for those who come from time-to-time.

What to Expect: Based on Testimonials

  • “Jen is doing an amazing job with our daughter.”
  • “I feel so deeply cared for and safe.”
  • “Jen is fighting so hard for our family.”
  • “She has gone above and beyond.”
  • “I just love talking to Mrs. Jen.”

What to Expect: Issues Frequently Covered

  • adjusting to new life stages
  • anxiety
  • attachment issues
  • changes to family, especially in divorce
  • conflict resolution
  • crisis intervention
  • cultural pressures
  • depression
  • doubts about faith
  • eating issues
  • emotional regulation & maturity
  • healthier relationships
  • identity & self-worth development
  • mental obsessions
  • perfectionism
  • school success
  • shame
  • spiritual development
  • victimization




  • Counseling Credentials

    Jen Hughes, M.A. is a Board Certified Christian Counselor by the Georgia Board of Examiners for Christian Counselors & Therapists.

  • Christian Affiliations

    Jen Hughes, M.A. is a member of the following professional organizations: Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC) and American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC).

  • Association of Biblical Counselors