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How To Glorify God When You Do Something Well

The dance composition was extraordinary, and her ballerinas were expertly trained. As this accomplished choreographer stood in the back of the auditorium waiting for the audience to clear, someone walked over to praise her work. Her response was as graceful as the ballet she had just produced on stage. In merely a 10-second conversation, this godly […]

Is Jesus your Frequent Guest…or more like a Stranger lately?

You’re snuggled in your warm bed and can’t help but hit snooze a few more times…or you’re finally home and just want to curl up with your favorite show…or there’s too much going on to pray or read your Bible right now. This is nothing new and you’re not the only one. Solomon’s bride did the same […]

An Example of a Christian’s Therapeutic Playlist

Whether you referred to it as a “mix-tape” or a playlist, at some point you’ve possibly compiled a list of songs that reflected a season of your life such as a painful break-up or a fantastic summer camp experience. In those situations, the songs can tend to be all sad or completely celebratory. With a […]

The Best Thought You Can Ever Have

Even if traditional church music is not your style, sometimes it is worthwhile to read and ponder the lyrics of a highly regarded hymn. In Be Thou my Vision, there is a most striking verse: “Thou my best thought.”  In this verse, the writer of this timeless masterpiece is declaring that the best place your mind can […]

The 30-Day Praise Challenge (a Book Recommendation)

Whether you’re worried sick about your kids or you’re feeling “up to here” with their behavior, the last thing you’re probably doing is praising God about it. But that’s exactly what Becky Harling recommends in “The 30 Day Praise Challenge for Parents.” She believes God has something to say about praising Him in absolutely everything, […]

Recognizing the Gift of the Sabbath

The 17-year old boy sits in church dressed in modern clothes and has the fashionable “swoopy” hair. He is outgoing, well-rounded, and active like so many of his peers. Yet, he comprehends a truth that most boys his age do not know. He understands and lives according to Mark 2:27. “The Sabbath was made for man, […]

Her First Love (Why He’s the One)

The single 19-year old girl sat on the front row in church between her parents and her married siblings. The 23-year old guy leading worship on stage caught her attention. She felt the temptation to stare at him to see if his eyes would find hers. But she knew she wasn’t at church to be […]

Hymns: Fresh Ideas & Significant Benefits

Imagine yourself in grave physical danger with hours and hours of nothing to do but think. After a while, you will wear yourself out if all you’re doing is begging God to rescue you. Instead, you will want to do something that keeps you strong until He comes for you. Singing hymns can bring you […]

Journaling, what’s the big deal?

Do you consider the spiritual exercise of journaling to be a “girly thing,” or as something “only writers do?” Perhaps, you view it as a valuable exercise, but personally, you just can’t find the time for it. Or maybe you’ve asked yourself why so many Christian leaders, teachers, and counselors believe journaling is so worthwhile.  Read below to see […]

Thankful for the Unseen

This time of year, you are expressing thankfulness for family, friends, and the many tangible blessings around you, but have you considered being grateful for what is surrounding you in the Unseen? For example:  *Angels pushing evil back away from you. (Mt. 13:41) *The Sovereign Lord perfectly arranging the timing of coming to your rescue. (Ps. 31:15) […]