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The Missing Key To Finding Balance

Desiring balance is a worthy goal, but are Americans really all that balanced? There is so much focus in society to be extremely successful while also being perfectly balanced that you may be confused and actually find yourself unsuccessful and out-of-balance. But there is a way to find that happy medium. At the core of being balanced is having […]

“The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” – Can you trust this book?

The New York Times Best Seller is everywhere. But is it a scam offering empty promises? And is it a good idea for Christians to be reading a pretty hardcover about magic? Biblical Starting Point: There are at least three arguments in favor of this secular publication being used to bring about change for a Christian. […]

How are you doing with Time Management?

Of course you’ve read plenty of articles on making the most of your day, but it’s a hectic world and it’s always good to have fresh reminders to help you keep your head above water. First, think about some of the reasons busyness is such an issue for people nowadays: Modern culture has placed expectations on your […]

How Effective is your Relief for Boredom?

Boredom, a dull mental state which can be caused by lack of external or internal stimulation, is an issue for everyone. What varies from person to person is 1) how often you face boredom and 2) what you do in order to alleviate it. The issue of boredom can become problematic if you deal with it […]


Do you feel scatter-brained? Are you so distracted and over-stimulated that you become jittery just thinking about a day without your to-do list or your electronic devices? Are you multi-tasking so much that your brain has forgotten how to concentrate on one thing at a time? Are you ever able to finish a prayer without […]