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An Exercise to Bring You Peace & Help You Make Progress

It’s famously used in times of fear, and often recited in order to comfort, but interacting deeply with Psalm 91 can bring about other benefits as well. This fresh approach can be especially useful for reducing anxiety…and provides a terrific opportunity to interact with Scripture in a growth-producing manner. Jen’s Keeping Room Tips:  Instead of reading straight […]

The Best Thought You Can Ever Have

Even if traditional church music is not your style, sometimes it is worthwhile to read and ponder the lyrics of a highly regarded hymn. In Be Thou my Vision, there is a most striking verse: “Thou my best thought.”  In this verse, the writer of this timeless masterpiece is declaring that the best place your mind can […]

How to Experience Real Transformation in Your Life

While some Christians tell a dramatic “before and after” story, you may describe your faith-life as “not where I used to be, but still not where I want to be.” But have you been staring at “not where I want to be” for far too long? You’re a Christian after all, so where is your miraculous change? Biblical Starting […]

Win Your Mental Tug-of-War (Organizing your Thoughts & Emotions)

You’ve fought the battle many times. Your emotions rise up, take over, and diminish your ability to have clear, productive thinking. The solution is not to give up on being rational, nor is it to conclude that emotions aren’t worthwhile. The key to winning this battle is to identify and organize your emotions in such a […]

Culture’s rewiring of the modern brain and what you can do to reverse it

The famous 1980’s commercial compared the brain on drugs to an egg frying in a pan. Many of you can still picture it: You see the hot frying pan and hear a serious voice say: “This is drugs.” Then the egg hits the hot pan and starts to sizzle. The voice ominously adds, “This is […]

A Place to Go when You Feel like You’re Drowning

David knew what it felt like to be drowning in his circumstances, barely keeping his head out of the water, gasping for air, and crying out for help. Thinking you might be able to relate, he shares his feelings and prayers with you in Psalm 69: The Description “The waters have come up to my […]

How Effective is your Relief for Boredom?

Boredom, a dull mental state which can be caused by lack of external or internal stimulation, is an issue for everyone. What varies from person to person is 1) how often you face boredom and 2) what you do in order to alleviate it. The issue of boredom can become problematic if you deal with it […]


Do you feel scatter-brained? Are you so distracted and over-stimulated that you become jittery just thinking about a day without your to-do list or your electronic devices? Are you multi-tasking so much that your brain has forgotten how to concentrate on one thing at a time? Are you ever able to finish a prayer without […]

A Transformed Mind: The Whole Story

You’ll find it in self-help books, sermons, lectures, counseling offices, articles, classrooms, Bible studies, interviews, and on the internet. The concept of changing one’s thinking in order to have a better outlook is widely known. But sometimes the message of “change your thinking” is incomplete and leaves you without success. For example, Romans 12:2 is oft-quoted when it comes to gaining […]

A Check-up for your Opinions

The following provocative quotes may challenge the way you have been thinking and responding according to a) your circumstances, b) your performance, and c) your view of others: Circumstances: “If the Lord does not change the place for the better, He will make us better in the place.” Charles Spurgeon Performance: “You cannot be too bad for […]