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An Exercise to Bring You Peace & Help You Make Progress

It’s famously used in times of fear, and often recited in order to comfort, but interacting deeply with Psalm 91 can bring about other benefits as well. This fresh approach can be especially useful for reducing anxiety…and provides a terrific opportunity to interact with Scripture in a growth-producing manner. Jen’s Keeping Room Tips:  Instead of reading straight […]

The Hunger Cries of Today’s Christian Teens

Think parents don’t have much influence? Think again. In a recent poll of active Christian teens, the majority of them communicated the following: When they see their parents reading their Bibles, they are more apt to read theirs They ask their parents questions about the Bible far more than they ask friends or teachers In […]

Bible Censorship: It’s a thing and you might be doing it

In his book, “Uncensored, Daring to Embrace the Entire Bible,” Brian Cosby reveals the damaging influence the world has had on Christian understanding of the Word of God, and the improvements you can make in your beliefs so that you will not be guilty of censoring Scripture for personal comfort. Consider these statements: “This book has […]

A Place to Go when You Feel like You’re Drowning

David knew what it felt like to be drowning in his circumstances, barely keeping his head out of the water, gasping for air, and crying out for help. Thinking you might be able to relate, he shares his feelings and prayers with you in Psalm 69: The Description “The waters have come up to my […]

Could you be “the righteous?” (What it takes)

The book of Proverbs is known for its straightforward sayings and its 31 chapters that make it easy to read one chapter a day. It’s a great book for a Christian to learn how a Christian is supposed to behave. But have you ever felt a little uncomfortable with how many Proverbs speak of “the righteous” and […]

What does the Bible say about Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is an attitude. (Lev. 7:12) Thanksgiving is the way of living for children of God and is found in the community of people who turn back to the Lord. (Is. 51:3; Eph. 5:1-4) Thanksgiving is a way to approach God. (Ps. 95:2; 100:4) Thanksgiving is a committed, effort-filled sacrifice you offer to the Lord. (Lev. […]

Reading the Bible: Christian Teens Give Feedback

In previous Keeping Room posts, examples were given for the utility of the Bible in life’s details (click here to read), and a case was built for making the Bible more familiar to teens (click here to read). Teens (girls AND guys) have read these articles and responded with crucial feedback: “Everything in these articles is […]

Teens and the Bible (It’s become unfamiliar)

Many Christian teens and youth in the United States have difficulty with consistent Bible reading. First, because they tend to operate by deadlines and live in-the-moment, they don’t have a committed block of time for reading God’s Word. Second, they aren’t convinced the Bible is applicable to their modern-day lives. Third, they don’t know how […]

Using the Bible in the Details of your Life

Her daughter had lice. Again. As the one in charge of fighting this battle, this weary mom felt pinned down by a teeny lice bug that felt like a giant one. She started thinking about David who came forward to fight a giant, not because he thought he was the biggest, strongest, or most experienced, but because […]

What You Need to Know

Maybe someone told you, “as long as you follow the basic Christian rules you won’t make God too mad.” Perhaps someone else said, “no one is perfect, so as long as you try hard, God will forgive you when you make mistakes.” Or the comment may have been, “you don’t have to be like those passionate […]