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You’ve Been Lied To

Media’s message to singles: “You have the individual need and right to have sex whenever you want, with whomever you want. Waiting for marriage is not only a thing of the past, but there’s something not really right with you if you do. Its perfectly ok if you’re not tolerant when it comes to virgins.” […]

A Great Bible Study You Can Do This Summer

“The Good News About Satan” might not sound like poolside Bible reading, but this short book by Bob Bevington can impact your summer* more than any other activity you might plan. In addition to receiving a thorough Biblical background about the devil, you will learn: *Just how much of a threat he actually is, given that […]

Dealing with Lies and Those Who Tell Them

Why do kids and teens lie to their parents? Why do some people fib so incessantly that it’s a habitual automatic response?  Some explanations include: To avoid getting into trouble, not wanting to make someone mad Fearing the potential reaction to the truth, experiencing shame Driven by what others will think if the truth is told, wanting to […]

10 Things You Should Know Before You Take a Peak at Porn

The invitations are everywhere. For men and for women. For teens. For children as young as 8 or 9. One glance at a sidebar photo, one click on a “harmless” site, one ten-second photo, one media rental, one novel series, and before you know it, one turns to two. It seems so common – and it is. […]

Solutions for Dealing with Temptation

It’s a good idea to think deeply about the meaning of “lead us not into temptation.” (Mt. 6:13). One thing this line seems to be telling you is that temptation is something you do not want to be going in the direction of…and you need God, your Leader, to lead you in the opposite direction of […]

Desperate for Fame

Originally, the words “Famous” and “Infamous” had opposite meanings, and one was considered far more favorable (famous) than the other (infamous). However, nowadays, developing an infamous reputation is not as readily avoided as in days gone by because being infamous often leads to as many benefits as becoming famous or having a good reputation. For example, […]

What’s a Christian to do with…PLEASURE?

The busy mom can stop at one serving of cheesy casserole, but she’ll eat an entire bag of chocolate in one sitting. The middle-aged man can feel satisfied after a sliver of pie, but he asks his wife never to buy donuts. One girl in her 20’s can safely enjoy a glass of wine every night, […]

The Temptation of a Cat

When a cat is presented with an open door, he has to walk through it. He can’t not walk through it. Not only is he tempted to walk through the door, but he has no ability to resist. Like the cat and the open door, “you’re not exempt” (1 Cor. 10:12, Msg). The door could […]