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4 Things You Need for a Better Night’s Sleep

If you struggle with falling asleep, or staying asleep, because you’re worried…anxious…upset…stressed…sad…lonely…overwhelmed…angry…or having any other strong emotion, there are promises in God’s Word about this. If you 1) keep wisdom in sight and 2) keep discretion in view, your sleep will be sweet (Prov. 3:21-24). If you 3) lay silent on your bed and ponder […]

How to Suffer

You’re going through something hard. Really hard. And you know there’s probably a better way to go through it, but you’re just not sure how. Jen’s Keeping Room Tips: 1.Remind yourself that you are called to suffer. Why should this make you feel any better? Because it’s a sign that you matter. You’re worth having […]

Win Your Mental Tug-of-War (Organizing your Thoughts & Emotions)

You’ve fought the battle many times. Your emotions rise up, take over, and diminish your ability to have clear, productive thinking. The solution is not to give up on being rational, nor is it to conclude that emotions aren’t worthwhile. The key to winning this battle is to identify and organize your emotions in such a […]

How to Pull Yourself Together when your Emotions Take Over

You’re so mad, hurt, or stressed that you can’t see straight. You can’t think logically. And you forget to focus on what you told yourself was important. You want to let the Lord help you, but at the time you can’t concentrate on Him more than a few seconds before you start replaying the situation in […]


Do you feel scatter-brained? Are you so distracted and over-stimulated that you become jittery just thinking about a day without your to-do list or your electronic devices? Are you multi-tasking so much that your brain has forgotten how to concentrate on one thing at a time? Are you ever able to finish a prayer without […]

Learning How to Rest

You might know how to sleep in, find relaxation on a vacation, and experience emotional recovery on a retreat, but could you use some retraining when it comes to knowing how to find Daily Rest? Blogger Melanie Hardacker writes: “As I sat outside this morning, I looked up to see a male and female Mallard waddling across one of the […]

Evaluating Your Personal Stress Level

A blogger recently expressed the value she finds in making time to do absolutely nothing! (For those of you who are men or who have a “nothing box” this may also mean thinking about absolutely nothing!) The writer described her time of doing nothing as a time that she settles and organizes her thoughts. It is […]

If You Answer “Yes”

Read the following List of Statements to see if any apply to you: *You have so many responsibilities that you can’t seem to find a moment’s rest. *You feel stressed, unsettled, weary, afraid, or confused. *Your pain can be so profound that there isn’t a place in your mind, body, and soul that doesn’t feel it. *Your anger […]