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The Stewardship of an iPhone

Most people are good stewards of their iPhones.  iPhones are covered in rubber and carried around as dear possessions.  Sure, sometimes they are dropped on the pavement or even dropped in the pool, but for the most part they are given excellent care.  Based on the iPhone phenomenon, people of this age have proven an ability to know how to steward possessions.  This is encouraging news. Like Peter urged his generation in Acts 2, we don’t have to be made sick by our culture (Acts 2:40, The Message).  Instead, our stewardship of technology demonstrates that we are a generation who can learn to be excellent stewards of the gifts God has lavished upon us.

Keeping Room Tip:  Consider taking one day to evaluate how you treat your iPhone versus how you treat your mom’s favorite piece of furniture, the kitchen cabinets in your home, or your sister’s sweater you borrowed.  Can you steward things that mean less to you just as well as you steward things that mean a lot to you?  What about your school, church, or office?  Do you treat those spaces as well as you treat your car or favorite device?  One way to show the Lord how much He means to you is to purpose to treat your church building with the same care you put into decorating your own home.  One way to show gratitude to God is to treat the bus that delivers you to school the same way you might treat the car of your dreams transporting you to school.  Feeling grateful to have a job in this economy?  Consider cleaning up a spill at work just as carefully as you would at home. How can you challenge yourself today to steward well the gifts that God has given you?  What about the people God has given you?  How are you being a steward of your loved ones?  Are you carrying them around in your heart and prayers as much as you’re carrying around your iPhone?

“Every good and perfect gift is from above…”  James 1:17