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How Many Apologies Does It Take?

So you’ve messed up and apologized. You only owe one apology per offense, right? Not necessarily. Yes, the person you wronged is commanded to be quick to forgive you, but some cases can be better resolved after multiple apologies. Likewise, several layers of apologies may be helpful to restore intimacy. As a Christian, you are not […]

The Missing Key To Finding Balance

Desiring balance is a worthy goal, but are Americans really all that balanced? There is so much focus in society to be extremely successful while also being perfectly balanced that you may be confused and actually find yourself unsuccessful and out-of-balance. But there is a way to find that happy medium. At the core of being balanced is having […]

For Teen Girls: A Quiz and An Invitation

Do you sometimes have a hard time making decisions? Do you regret some of the decisions you’ve made recently? Do you sometimes upset people by what you say/post? Do you worry you aren’t smart enough, or do you even sometimes feel stupid? Do you wish you weren’t so moody, or didn’t feel so much? Do you have a […]

A Vital Book for Middle Schoolers, with Essential Information for High Schoolers & Parents

“Shut Up: Silence the Negative Thoughts in your Head,” by Christy Pierce is a book that would be very significant for middle school students (and their parents) to read. And for high school students, who are already well into these trenches, this book review provides relevant advice. Ultimately, “Shut Up” points out – There are multi-faceted reasons for […]

Ideas for Leaving a Spiritual Legacy in Your Family

The book is written for men, but any family member can read it and help promote the concept. The author, Terence Chatmon, provides 1) compelling inspiration and 2) personal examples in his book, Do Your Children Believe, Becoming Intentional About Your Family’s Faith and Spiritual Legacy. By providing both motivation and practical application, Chatmon emphasizes the […]

Where Are You On The Praying-With-Your-Spouse Spectrum?

Being married, especially if you have kids, comes with pressing demands and responsibilities. When discussing schedules and logistics, it can be a good opportunity to evaluate your prayer time to see if any change is desired. Consider where you might plot intercession if you and your spouse were looking at a prayer scale: On one extreme of the […]

Understanding Your Friends Who Have Experienced Trauma

Do you know anyone who has experienced trauma at some point – such as having been abused or shamed as a child, utterly rejected by a loved one, or faced extreme trials or loss? And if all is well now, you may be wondering why such intense emotionality remains. Read in her own words how someone with past […]

You’re Good Enough

You’ve taken the steps to be a Christian (click here for last week’s article on the journey from spiritual death to eternal life), but you worry you’re missing something. You wonder why you feel more aligned with the label “sinner” than the status of “righteous man/woman.” You’re even feeling like you’re just not as good as some […]

Why You Need to Spend More Time in the Bad News

Believer in Christ, before you discovered Jesus, you were spiritually dead. He was with you and drawing you to Him because you were desperately missing something. All the worst things you ever believe about yourself now, were actually true before you met Jesus. In fact, no matter how much good was in you before Jesus […]

Why You and Your Family Should Have a Technology Celebration

Maybe you can do it over dinner one night, or try it out on a long car ride. No matter where, just invite your family to gather together and make a list of all the ways technology is great. Make sure to include the benefits to work, education, etc. Take your time and don’t leave anything out. […]