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4 Things You Need for a Better Night’s Sleep

If you struggle with falling asleep, or staying asleep, because you’re worried…anxious…upset…stressed…sad…lonely…overwhelmed…angry…or having any other strong emotion, there are promises in God’s Word about this.

  • If you 1) keep wisdom in sight and 2) keep discretion in view, your sleep will be sweet (Prov. 3:21-24).
  • If you 3) lay silent on your bed and ponder God, who He is, and what He does, you will sleep in peace (Psalm 4:4b-8).
  • If you 4) submit to the Lord as the One to watch over and take care of your life, He will give you the gift of sleep (Ps. 127:2b; Mk. 4:27).

But when you’re upset, it’s difficult to focus on these truths. An acronym of R.E.S.T can help.

Jen’s Keeping Room Tips:

(R)emember. Long before bed, review the truth about Who’s got you. Don’t just look up Proverbs 3:24 about sweet sleep. Back up to verses 19 & 20 and stop doubt-filled thoughts from multiplying because you are recalling your God who founded the earth and established the heavens.

(E)xpress. Write in the evening. But don’t elaborate about your problems; you already know them well. Write about the One and to the One who has wisdom and understanding and gives peace.

(S)ay yes. Accept that yes you may be awake for a while, but at least your body is at rest. If you worry about losing sleep, you’ll cost yourself even more sleep. Now it’s time to gradually put your mind and heart at rest – not by fretting, but by accepting your restlessness for the moment, and trusting the preparation you’ve done to get sleep.

(T)est yourself.  Are you willing to sometimes go without sleep for your God? Consider 2 Corinthians 6:4-10. Disciples don’t always get good sleep. Ask the Lord to put on your heart His concerns and the troubles of others. Pray the night away if you must; your heavenly Father knows you need sleep (Mt. 6:32) and He will have it ready for you soon enough.