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Not Just Another Book About Shame & Overcoming Your Past

Is “Unashamed” just another book in a sea of self-help books? Or is it really worth a read? If you can’t seem to move forward or need something highly practical to help you deal with your past or beat your struggles with shame, this book offers excellent examples and precise strategies of what you can […]

What’s In Your Emergency Survival Kit?

You’ve got your flashlight should you lose power, and your water bottles should the stores run out, but what do you have at the ready when you are struck with a serious emotional situation? There’s a good chance you may never find yourself trapped or stranded without water or a flashlight, but if you interact […]

Why You Need to Spend More Time in the Bad News

Believer in Christ, before you discovered Jesus, you were spiritually dead. He was with you and drawing you to Him because you were desperately missing something. All the worst things you ever believe about yourself now, were actually true before you met Jesus. In fact, no matter how much good was in you before Jesus […]

One Burning Question Girls Are Still Asking about Feeling Priceless

As a Christian wanting to feel more confident, you’ve studied the Gospel, acknowledge the human sinful condition, and claim your status in Christ as a believer. (Foundation). You’ve also dug into Scriptural passages that speak of the Lord’s proclamation of love for His people. (Bond) (for details, click here for last week’s article). But some of you are stuck. Specifically […]

A Girl’s Connection to Jesus: How He Can Make Her Feel Priceless

All girls have a deep-rooted desire to feel valuable/loved/beautiful. In fact, you can always trace a girl’s behavior back to this single need and how it’s being met – no matter what her age or belief system is. When it comes to Christian females, many are aware that only the Lord can adequately secure their […]

When You Can’t Get Anything Right

You’ve concluded that it’s you. Something about you messes up relationships…causes people to leave you out…makes you disappointing or not measure up…or causes things to happen only to you. Thinking this way can make you emotionally and spiritually ill from a mass of self-condemnation. But what might happen if you produced antibodies of repentance instead?  What if you looked […]

Dealing with Lies and Those Who Tell Them

Why do kids and teens lie to their parents? Why do some people fib so incessantly that it’s a habitual automatic response?  Some explanations include: To avoid getting into trouble, not wanting to make someone mad Fearing the potential reaction to the truth, experiencing shame Driven by what others will think if the truth is told, wanting to […]

The One Thing You might be Missing to Help You Really Relax

No matter how hard you try, there’s just something that makes you feel not quite at rest with yourself. You just can’t seem to ever fully be at total peace. You know that if you trace this unsettled state to the source – you’ll find that it has to do with your view of the way […]

Distinguishing Shame from Repentance

The chances are good that you or someone you know suffers from Shame. And it’s extremely important for you to understand the condition of Shame because it can be very crippling to anyone who is experiencing it, and it can help explain the cause of troubling or confusing behaviors as well. Shame can happen when a […]

You’re Wrong

When you’ve done something wrong and you know it, one of two things could happen: You could experience condemnation, or you could experience conviction. There are several clues to help you recognize condemnation. First, you’re experiencing condemnation if you find yourself rationalizing what you did wrong or avoiding thoughts about the wrongdoing because you don’t want to experience the […]