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What Will Happen to Being a Daddy’s Girl?

It’s everywhere. Commercials, movies, retail. The trend now is for the girl to be the lead. And she’s usually displaying physical strength, sensuality, or attitude…or all three. Certainly, positive treatment of women is biblical and beneficial, but there are consequences to giving status to females that is outside of God’s original design. One such problem with the push for redefining the […]

Want Teens to Talk to You? Start By Asking This Essential Question

In last week’s Keeping Room article, it was emphasized that youth need to stop believing lies about adults not being trustworthy, and adults need to do as much as they can to encourage kids to talk to them. Meanwhile, the Dean of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, James E. Ryan, has just released a book entitled […]

Co-Dependent on Purpose: A Modern Day Parenting Identity

In the back of your mind, co-dependency is known to be a bad thing; but if you’re a parent with kids at home right now, you might be in a co-dependent relationship with one or more of your kids anyway. If you feel like you’re living your son’s or daughter’s life almost as much as s/he is, […]

When Kids Want to Take the Phone Away from their Parents

Young people get a lot of bad rap for technology overuse, but surveys indicate that large numbers of kids and tweens are feeling dismissed by parents who aren’t using good boundaries with their devices either. And surely you’ve been in stores or restaurants and seen babies or toddlers being overlooked by adults looking down into […]

Walking through Something Hard when the Person you’re Walking With is Not Keeping Up

The incidences are high of married couples whose marriages become strained or even end when they endure something tragic, such as the loss of a child. It really is not surprising that men and women grieve, process, and experience emotion very differently from one another, and hardship is certainly a time the differences are revealed. In […]

New! A Mother-Daughter Opportunity (for readers in the Atlanta area)

Because God specifically created His people as male and female, amazing relational feats can be accomplished through the unique ways that God designed His girls. To the extent that females are made in the image of God, they are naturally nurturing and relational, and were created to be the relationship teachers for mankind. But ever since […]

Dealing with Your Anger (Specifically in Parenting)

Especially if your kids are older, or if you have teens, at some point you may have found yourself in a situation where you felt more anger towards them than you ever thought was possible. The explanation could likely come from two factors: 1) you have been unable to control their behavior or 2) they […]

Great Truths Learned along the Way (An interview of parents)

Many times during the season of active parenting, parents will discover a truth that radically improves their approach. In other words, they have an “ah-ha” moment that gives them a new confidence and conviction in who they are as parents. Or you could even say it’s a simple realization that in turn becomes their parenting […]

A Great Gift for Your Family (Praying for your Siblings)

You’ve probably heard it said that the relationship you’ll be in for the longest period of time is with your siblings. Usually you know your siblings longer than you’ve known your spouse, and your lifespan more closely matches that of your siblings than your parents. Through this unique relationship, you have a special opportunity to […]

Walk in your Rightful Position (Rise up to your Role in the Family)

If you’re the president of a company, you need to act like it, or you will get fired. Essentially, with any job title or with any role in life, there is a status that comes with it, and you have a choice to step into that position or not. This pertains to the roles your […]