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A Girl’s Connection to Jesus: How He Can Make Her Feel Priceless

All girls have a deep-rooted desire to feel valuable/loved/beautiful. In fact, you can always trace a girl’s behavior back to this single need and how it’s being met – no matter what her age or belief system is. When it comes to Christian females, many are aware that only the Lord can adequately secure their […]

The One Thing You Need So That You Can Experience God’s Power

You quote verses such as “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” but you don’t really feel any more capable than normal. You pray and pray, but your problems haven’t changed. You have sought godly counsel, but no advice has made a real difference in how you handle things. Why do pastors, […]

Is Jesus your Frequent Guest…or more like a Stranger lately?

You’re snuggled in your warm bed and can’t help but hit snooze a few more times…or you’re finally home and just want to curl up with your favorite show…or there’s too much going on to pray or read your Bible right now. This is nothing new and you’re not the only one. Solomon’s bride did the same […]

The Marks of having a “Personal Relationship” with Jesus Christ

The Divine is mysterious, but being in relationship with Him doesn’t have to be. Consider the following quotes from various familiar believers in Christ, and use them as a checklist to measure your personal closeness with Him. ___“I have more energy, power, strength, and competency than ever before.” ___“He teaches me lessons that make me a better person.” ___“He […]

When God Doesn’t Fix It (a Book Recommendation)

God has used Perimeter Church Worship Leader and Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Laura Story’s marriage to Martin Elvington to bring attention to the full story of His Word, His story, and His truth. As told in her book, “When God Doesn’t Fix It, Lessons you Never wanted to Learn, Truths you can’t Live Without,” Martin is […]

What to do when your Relationship Status is: SINGLE (and you don’t want it to stay that way)

If your heart is longing for a committed love relationship, there may be other parts of your being that are not ready. There are times God keeps you from a romantic relationship or holds back potential spouses from one another not to torture you, but to draw each of you towards Him while He purposefully […]

Getting Your Needs Met (Understanding how it works)

You’ve heard the promise that God will satisfy all your needs, that He is enough, and that He’s all you need (Is. 58:11; 2 Cor. 9:8, 12:9; Phil. 4:19). But you may not know what to do with that promise. After all, God’s not going to cook your meals for you or be there in […]

When things could go wrong (And how He can help)

Humans are pretty good at predicting what could go wrong in a future event or situation. But there are many occasions when in addition to asking what could go wrong, you might want to ask “How could I go wrong?” Without asking this question, you might negatively, angrily, or anxiously react. But if you prepare yourself in […]

Ash Wednesday (Fasting)

Her husband’s been in Iranian prison for 2 1/2 years – because he’s a Christian. Their two young children experience the pain and agony of a missing daddy, while they hope and pray they won’t have to celebrate their next birthdays without him. Naghmeh Abedini’s response to her husband’s persecution is to seek God’s face and His breakthrough. […]

Ash Wednesday (Benefits to participating)

Ash Wednesday is next week, and with this launch of the Lenten season comes the potential for having a fresh experience with God. There is no Biblical command that tells you to put ashes on your forehead once a year and to give up chocolate for 40 days. Rather, the Lenten season is an inviting, […]