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Guys who wait. What about them?

After publishing “Purity in Real Time” last week (click here to read), several readers asked for a related article pertaining to guys. Jen’s Keeping Room Tips: What to call it? Some guys are fine with the word “pure” especially since there aren’t many good synonyms, but others want something that sounds more masculine. Some possible manly words are […]

Purity in Real Time

“I want to be pure, but I don’t know how.” “My feelings are so strong – and everyone is telling me this is normal and purity is not.” “I don’t understand what it means to guard my heart.” “Some of the stuff I hear about purity sounds so extreme and impossible.” The quotes above are […]

4 Reasons Abstaining from Pre-marital Sex is So Romantic

You know there’s benefits to waiting for marriage to have sex, but you sort of forgot what they are. People ask you to defend your position, but you stumble over what to say. The noisy, promiscuous messages all around you have drowned out His quiet, still voice beckoning you to focus on His very special and glorious […]

Teen Interest in “50 Shades” (And what you can do about it)

You probably know that the lust-filled, erotically charged movie, “50 Shades of Grey” is being released today, but did you know that many teenage girls are excited to see it? Keeping Room Tips: Teens need your help in understanding that this is not a harmless romance movie or just another “chick-flick.” Not so many years […]

The Maker of Love (A Video Message)

They know what it’s like to be single, to wait, to doubt, to struggle, to be tempted, and even how to remain pure in a dating relationship. Most importantly, they also know Who made their love possible. In the following Keeping Room video, Tabor and Kristin share insights from their dating experience, and demonstrate their love story with the Maker of it at the center.  

Purity Training: How’s it Going?

Parents and their kids know that long gone are the days of “the Birds and the Bees” and having “the talk.” Now there’s plenty of information available to prepare families for the temptations and changes that have occurred in culture and relationships effecting young people today. And fortunately Christians can find many great Biblically-based resources […]

Hymns: Fresh Ideas & Significant Benefits

Imagine yourself in grave physical danger with hours and hours of nothing to do but think. After a while, you will wear yourself out if all you’re doing is begging God to rescue you. Instead, you will want to do something that keeps you strong until He comes for you. Singing hymns can bring you […]

10 Things You Should Know Before You Take a Peak at Porn

The invitations are everywhere. For men and for women. For teens. For children as young as 8 or 9. One glance at a sidebar photo, one click on a “harmless” site, one ten-second photo, one media rental, one novel series, and before you know it, one turns to two. It seems so common – and it is. […]

The Strength & Power of Purity (A video message)

Purity is not just a pretty word; it’s a hardy character trait that comes from Jesus at work in your life. In this video, Jen Hughes and some of the girls in her Passionate & Pure group program talk about the Strength & Power of Purity, and the benefits of Committing to Purity.    

The Need for Purity

It’s hard not to become numb to bad news, and it’s understandable to want to take polls, statistics, and studies with a grain of salt these days. But try not to do that this time. Try to understand that the bad news below is very real, and that the good news below is very true. Bad […]