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Back-To-School Prayers, Puritan Style

As school gets started here in the South, naturally you’re praying about teachers, schedules, activities, friends, stress, workload etc. But as you think of these modern-day concerns, it’s good to know that there were prayers prayed a few centuries ago that could bring your prayers today to a whole new level. What if you took a few minutes […]

Where Are You On The Praying-With-Your-Spouse Spectrum?

Being married, especially if you have kids, comes with pressing demands and responsibilities. When discussing schedules and logistics, it can be a good opportunity to evaluate your prayer time to see if any change is desired. Consider where you might plot intercession if you and your spouse were looking at a prayer scale: On one extreme of the […]

A Prayer Sheet for Parents & Grandparents of Campers & Travelers

If a child in your life is going away to camp this summer, or perhaps to another country for a mission trip, you may feel worried at times and wish you knew the most comforting, power-filled ways to pray. And maybe you’re also quite busy yourself and wish you had a convenient resource to help […]

A Fun Prayer Idea

Sometimes it’s fun to try something new with prayer – in order to keep things fresh or to take your faith to the next level. Peter did it by praying on a roof (Acts 10:9), but you can do something less dangerous yet equally rewarding. Try a “motorcade” style of intercession by driving behind a loved […]

7 Liberating Prayers You Can Learn from a Prison Break

You love them dearly, but some of your friends or family members are confined by selfishness, bitterness, stubbornness, rebellion, obsession, and/or pride. It’s breaking you as much as it’s harming them, but you’ve failed to help them escape. Biblical Starting Point: Inside his prison cell, Peter was asleep between two soldiers, locked in chains, and […]

When God Doesn’t Fix It (a Book Recommendation)

God has used Perimeter Church Worship Leader and Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Laura Story’s marriage to Martin Elvington to bring attention to the full story of His Word, His story, and His truth. As told in her book, “When God Doesn’t Fix It, Lessons you Never wanted to Learn, Truths you can’t Live Without,” Martin is […]

The 30-Day Praise Challenge (a Book Recommendation)

Whether you’re worried sick about your kids or you’re feeling “up to here” with their behavior, the last thing you’re probably doing is praising God about it. But that’s exactly what Becky Harling recommends in “The 30 Day Praise Challenge for Parents.” She believes God has something to say about praising Him in absolutely everything, […]

Your Heavenly Prayer Partner (What it means to have the Son of God praying for you)

You didn’t vote Him into office, but you have a Prayer Representative in heaven. Consider this: The Lord was praying for you before you were born… “I pray for those who will believe in Me through their word.” (John 17:20) Praying for you continues to be one of His roles…Because Jesus lives forever, He has […]

Before you “Pray about it”

You want to make good decisions…you want to follow God’s Will…and you’ve heard that before you make a decision you should “pray about it.” But maybe that process hasn’t always worked for you. Before you open your Bible and begin to pray about another decision, consider two initial factors that can “make or break” your […]

What good is having His “Shield” if you’re not behind it?

Psalm 91 is popular with those who are longing for God’s great protection because this beautiful Psalm provides comfort and promises to the reader in need. However, this Psalm isn’t meant to be a magic formula for someone to just pick up, read, and expect that all of a sudden everything will be ok. Unfortunately, there are some […]