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Are You Aware of the Modern Mindsets about Porn?

When a young man strong in his faith read a 2014 Keeping Room article about porn, (click here to review) his response was: “She’s overreacting. Porn is just a normal part of life. It’s everywhere, and in everything.” When a young woman devoted to Christ and purity recently considered dating a young man, she asked: “When it […]

Want Teens to Talk to You? Start By Asking This Essential Question

In last week’s Keeping Room article, it was emphasized that youth need to stop believing lies about adults not being trustworthy, and adults need to do as much as they can to encourage kids to talk to them. Meanwhile, the Dean of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, James E. Ryan, has just released a book entitled […]

When Teens & Kids are Grieving the Loss of a Peer

Grief in teens and kids is felt and processed somewhat differently than for adults. This is okay. Their emotions and cognitions are in developmental progress. And when youth are grieving the loss of “one of their own,” some of them may attempt to isolate from adults, feeling that their grief is too different to connect […]

The Second Most Important Thing This World Needs

The most important thing the world needs is Jesus, of course. But do you know what #2 is? It’s boys who grow up to become successful men. And no, the promoting of men is not a disadvantage to girls. And no, this country is not doing a good job of making men anymore. But you […]

3 Things Parents Do That Push Teens Away

Parents have a job not to let their kids grow up to be spoiled brats, but often, it seems like good parenting creates significant tension in the relationship with teens (Eph. 6:4; Col. 3:21). In fact, this can happen if you find yourself in the following scenarios: 1)   You snatch away their cell phone because […]

A Prayer Sheet for Parents & Grandparents of Campers & Travelers

If a child in your life is going away to camp this summer, or perhaps to another country for a mission trip, you may feel worried at times and wish you knew the most comforting, power-filled ways to pray. And maybe you’re also quite busy yourself and wish you had a convenient resource to help […]

Do you know the consequences of protecting your kids?

It was predicted* that Generation X-ers would be very protective of their kids. Is that so bad? There at least 3 areas where excessive protection is leading to some problems evident in youth today. Protecting them from hardship Protecting them from lack Protecting them from bad behavior Jen’s Keeping Room Tips: Consequence: Protecting children from hardship, to the […]

Dealing with Lies and Those Who Tell Them

Why do kids and teens lie to their parents? Why do some people fib so incessantly that it’s a habitual automatic response?  Some explanations include: To avoid getting into trouble, not wanting to make someone mad Fearing the potential reaction to the truth, experiencing shame Driven by what others will think if the truth is told, wanting to […]

The One Place Technology Does Not Belong

It was 2016. The setting was outdoors, and the characters came from two different homes. The first household had a few youngsters ranging in age from elementary school to tweens. They were racing in the meadow and climbing all the trees lining its sides. Even their dog was sitting next to them on a trunk […]

3 Questions to Ask if You think You Might be Over-Indulging your Kids

Modern parents don’t often worry about withholding too much from their children, but a common uncertainty is whether you’re spoiling them rotten. Ideally, you want to show them enough sacrifice and generosity that they are raised with security, but not so much as to breed an entitlement mentality (click here to read more about entitled […]