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Are you Training? Or Just Working-Out? (Knowing the difference can help you achieve success for all your endeavors)

If you’ve been having trouble meeting some of your goals lately (in anything), take this Mini-Quiz below to see if you notice any patterns that might explain the mediocre results. Then, read the Keeping Room Tips for support and solutions to help you learn how to love training. Mini-Quiz: When you exercise, do you a) generally feel proud to […]

Ash Wednesday (Fasting)

Her husband’s been in Iranian prison for 2 1/2 years – because he’s a Christian. Their two young children experience the pain and agony of a missing daddy, while they hope and pray they won’t have to celebrate their next birthdays without him. Naghmeh Abedini’s response to her husband’s persecution is to seek God’s face and His breakthrough. […]

Ash Wednesday (Benefits to participating)

Ash Wednesday is next week, and with this launch of the Lenten season comes the potential for having a fresh experience with God. There is no Biblical command that tells you to put ashes on your forehead once a year and to give up chocolate for 40 days. Rather, the Lenten season is an inviting, […]

Recognizing the Gift of the Sabbath

The 17-year old boy sits in church dressed in modern clothes and has the fashionable “swoopy” hair. He is outgoing, well-rounded, and active like so many of his peers. Yet, he comprehends a truth that most boys his age do not know. He understands and lives according to Mark 2:27. “The Sabbath was made for man, […]

When to Break the Rules

Do you think you are a Rule-Follower?  Or perhaps this is your motto: Rules were made to be broken!   Actually, you can evaluate all of the rules in your life to determine whether to follow them, break them, or even make new ones!  Some rules are really good for you; others may or may not be.  It […]

Obedience is a Pain

You don’t have to be convinced that obedience is a pleasure.  You’ve experienced the lack of desire to obey a teacher, parent, authority, or God. You know the tension of resisting obedience to what you know is right.  You even know what it’s like to obey when you aren’t convinced it is the best thing […]