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The Message of the Blue Dress

It was more silent than “Make America Great Again,” but Melania Trump’s Inauguration suit had a slogan as well: #JustBecauseYouCanDoesn’tMeanYouShould. She’s a young, former model who could have chosen to dress in a way that reflects this current culture – casual and/or seductive. Instead, her tribute to dresses of the past promoted elegance and modesty. Everyone’s talking about how […]

It’s NOT Your Inner Beauty That Matters

Fact: There’s an unwritten message that your outer beauty really matters. And there’s the ever-popular written message that your inner beauty is all that matters. But neither one is right. There are more facts to consider. Fact: Females are hard-wired with a need to feel special/valuable/lovely/beautiful. Fact: Some people can tell a girl she is beautiful all day […]

The Teenage Girl’s Modesty Scale (A Linear Way to View Modesty)

Imagine a 3-point scale. On one end is the world’s view of modesty, which is actually immodesty. Slide down to the second point and you have rules and dress codes. Finally, the third point, on the other end of the scale, is pure modesty. Most Christian teen girls live somewhere on this scale and they often […]

Aging According to the Kingdom

Modern culture advertises the aging process as something negative that you are to resist and conceal. And perhaps society has reached this view because of the many persons who live with no future hope and the elderly who put forth no effort. But have you considered what the Kingdom culture has to say about aging? “Gray […]

The Biblical View of Beauty & Modesty: A “MYTH & FACT” QUIZ (Part 3)

The myths and facts quiz Part 1 (click here) and Part 2 (click here) address Biblical Fashion and Modesty Basics, and now the article series concludes with myths and facts quiz Part 3, the Heart. Myth or Fact? The Bible (especially 1 Pet. 3:4) teaches that you need to have a quiet, reserved personality-type to be […]

The Biblical View of Beauty & Modesty: A “MYTH & FACT” QUIZ (Part 2)

Part 1 of this series (click here to review) revealed myths pertaining to the relevance of the Bible’s teaching on Modesty. Part 2 of the quiz continues here to provide you with more myths and facts to see if you know what the Bible has to say about Style: MYTH OR FACT? The Bible teaches […]

The Biblical View of Beauty & Modesty: A “MYTH & FACT” QUIZ (Part 1)

You’ve seen or read numerous articles about it, but have you actually been taught a Biblical worldview of Beauty and Modesty? Here’s a quiz to help you find out: MYTH OR FACT? The Bible teaches that your inner beauty is what matters. MYTH. It is New Age philosophy (not the Bible) which promotes inner beauty […]

A Tale of Two Dressing Rooms

Conversation Heard from Dressing Room 1: BFF1: “OMG, that is soooooo hot on you. You have to get it!” BFF2: “Are you sure I don’t look fat?” BFF1: “Your curves will get you attention. Don’t worry about it. Now, look at this top on me.  Don’t you think it makes me look so sexy?” Conversation […]

The Case of Immodesty vs. Modesty

If a girl was facing charges of being immodest, she could use any of the following arguments to “get off on a technicality:” “There is no standard I must follow because certain body parts that were considered immodest yesterday are no longer a problem today, and vice versa.” “My freedom is at stake and I am just being […]

The Lord’s “Layered-Look”

Super-thin weaving and ultra-short hems have created a shopping challenge for Christian women and girls, making it harder to dress stylishly yet modestly. The “Layered-Look” offers a good solution, but the results are not always successful. *Some women are focused on style and not intending to display any sort of immoral attitude. But they don’t […]