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A Vital Book for Middle Schoolers, with Essential Information for High Schoolers & Parents

“Shut Up: Silence the Negative Thoughts in your Head,” by Christy Pierce is a book that would be very significant for middle school students (and their parents) to read. And for high school students, who are already well into these trenches, this book review provides relevant advice. Ultimately, “Shut Up” points out – There are multi-faceted reasons for […]

Why You and Your Family Should Have a Technology Celebration

Maybe you can do it over dinner one night, or try it out on a long car ride. No matter where, just invite your family to gather together and make a list of all the ways technology is great. Make sure to include the benefits to work, education, etc. Take your time and don’t leave anything out. […]

The Message of the Blue Dress

It was more silent than “Make America Great Again,” but Melania Trump’s Inauguration suit had a slogan as well: #JustBecauseYouCanDoesn’tMeanYouShould. She’s a young, former model who could have chosen to dress in a way that reflects this current culture – casual and/or seductive. Instead, her tribute to dresses of the past promoted elegance and modesty. Everyone’s talking about how […]

Should Everyone Go to College after High School?

The decade you’re in your 20’s has more available to you than media and college admissions departments would have you believe. In fact, “success” doesn’t have to be defined so narrowly at all. For example, The Foto Sisters – Addie, Katie, and Gaylyn are classically trained musicians using their talents in strings, piano, and vocals […]

Responding to Cultural Norms: What’s a concerned Christian to do?

Examples of Societal Norms of Generations Past: Kids would stay outside all day (parents often had no idea where) until the supper bell rang Smoking was as common at dinner parties as hors d’oeuvres Public places were segregated based on race Significant Norms Today: Most people can be found with a device in their hand […]

Are You as Responsible as You Think You Are?

You know the obvious traits of a responsible person, such as keeping up with your belongings, showing up to work or school on time, paying your bills, and prioritizing your daily activities. Those skills are taught from an early age and are somewhat reinforced in this culture. However, there is a deeper layer of personal […]

The One Place Technology Does Not Belong

It was 2016. The setting was outdoors, and the characters came from two different homes. The first household had a few youngsters ranging in age from elementary school to tweens. They were racing in the meadow and climbing all the trees lining its sides. Even their dog was sitting next to them on a trunk […]

The Common Definition of Becoming a Man (It’s not what it used to be)

If you were to ask your young son or a special boy in your life what he thinks it means to become a man, can you predict how he might answer? If you were to ask your girls what kind of man they are looking for in a future husband, how might they answer? Examine the […]

Culture’s rewiring of the modern brain and what you can do to reverse it

The famous 1980’s commercial compared the brain on drugs to an egg frying in a pan. Many of you can still picture it: You see the hot frying pan and hear a serious voice say: “This is drugs.” Then the egg hits the hot pan and starts to sizzle. The voice ominously adds, “This is […]

Teen Interest in “50 Shades” (And what you can do about it)

You probably know that the lust-filled, erotically charged movie, “50 Shades of Grey” is being released today, but did you know that many teenage girls are excited to see it? Keeping Room Tips: Teens need your help in understanding that this is not a harmless romance movie or just another “chick-flick.” Not so many years […]