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The Second Most Important Thing This World Needs

The most important thing the world needs is Jesus, of course. But do you know what #2 is? It’s boys who grow up to become successful men. And no, the promoting of men is not a disadvantage to girls. And no, this country is not doing a good job of making men anymore. But you […]

What if Mary of Bethany had been Your Girlfriend?

You could say she is a celebrity. Her hometown, Bethany…her sister, Martha…and her brother, Lazarus…all helped make her famous (Luke 7; Luke 10; John 12). But stripping all of that away, who was this Mary? Her qualities were as follows: Sat at the feet of Jesus Was teachable, especially by the Lord Chose good things […]

…And Female He Created her…

No matter where you stand on politics, you can agree that Melania Trump displays femininity and beauty. No one can just decide to be born with the precisely female traits that God has given to a lady like Melania. Rather, she was created in this manner by Him in order to reflect His image of beauty, majesty, […]

…And Male He Created him…

Can you keep dry eyes while watching this video of Marcus Luttrell speaking last night? Why is it that he’s so inspiring? It’s because he is showing off to you exactly what God had in mind when He created male. During that 6-minute speech, Luttrell showed you the manly Jesus traits of bravery, honor, grit, selflessness, encouragement, […]

The Common Definition of Becoming a Man (It’s not what it used to be)

If you were to ask your young son or a special boy in your life what he thinks it means to become a man, can you predict how he might answer? If you were to ask your girls what kind of man they are looking for in a future husband, how might they answer? Examine the […]

New! A Mother-Daughter Opportunity (for readers in the Atlanta area)

Because God specifically created His people as male and female, amazing relational feats can be accomplished through the unique ways that God designed His girls. To the extent that females are made in the image of God, they are naturally nurturing and relational, and were created to be the relationship teachers for mankind. But ever since […]

Because “You’re a girl!”

Girls in elementary school frequently deal with boys and others telling them they can’t do certain things because:“You’re a girl!” And this really, really bothers these precious girls of today. But, if they don’t have a foundation to understand and celebrate their femininity and their identity, these impressionable girls could become quickly influenced by the feminism […]

What about the Man in the life of “The Proverbs 31 Woman?”

Since the Proverbs 31 Woman is of “noble character and worth far more than rubies,” what does that make her man? Does that mean she climbs over him on her way to her position at the “city gate?” Does she fight so hard for her rights to be treated as his equal that she neglects […]

Defending the Lady

Because of the modern movement to neutralize gender, women and young women are losing self-confidence in their role, function, and value. Additionally, male-female relationships suffer consequences when gender roles become blurred and confused. During this time when there is cultural pressure to redefine femininity, both males and females may appreciate some Biblical and established examples of what it means to […]


The recent Focus on the Family film “Irreplaceable,” documents the way modern society not only devalues family and sex (read here and here), but how it also devalues gender roles, interpreting them in confusing ways. For example, if current feminism exists to fight for the equality of women, why do so many women and girls pressure […]