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In Memory of 17-Year Old Brady Bullock: Honored to be in “Brady’s Bunch”

Brady didn’t have a pride problem. When he started feeling anxiety last spring (towards the end of his sophomore year of high school), he immediately asked his parents if he could work with a counselor to learn how to manage his anxious thoughts. We met right away, and Brady applied every solution I suggested for […]

Should Everyone Go to College after High School?

The decade you’re in your 20’s has more available to you than media and college admissions departments would have you believe. In fact, “success” doesn’t have to be defined so narrowly at all. For example, The Foto Sisters – Addie, Katie, and Gaylyn are classically trained musicians using their talents in strings, piano, and vocals […]

Guys who wait. What about them?

After publishing “Purity in Real Time” last week (click here to read), several readers asked for a related article pertaining to guys. Jen’s Keeping Room Tips: What to call it? Some guys are fine with the word “pure” especially since there aren’t many good synonyms, but others want something that sounds more masculine. Some possible manly words are […]

Purity in Real Time

“I want to be pure, but I don’t know how.” “My feelings are so strong – and everyone is telling me this is normal and purity is not.” “I don’t understand what it means to guard my heart.” “Some of the stuff I hear about purity sounds so extreme and impossible.” The quotes above are […]

What if Stephen had been Your Boyfriend?

When Christians talk about Stephen’s story of martyrdom, understandably a lot of focus is on Stephen’s final hours, when he saw Jesus in heaven. But there is a larger picture (Acts 6-7) of this man who was chosen by the disciples to help carry out their work. His qualities were as follows: Cared about widows Had […]

The Hunger Cries of Today’s Christian Teens

Think parents don’t have much influence? Think again. In a recent poll of active Christian teens, the majority of them communicated the following: When they see their parents reading their Bibles, they are more apt to read theirs They ask their parents questions about the Bible far more than they ask friends or teachers In […]

Her First Love (Why He’s the One)

The single 19-year old girl sat on the front row in church between her parents and her married siblings. The 23-year old guy leading worship on stage caught her attention. She felt the temptation to stare at him to see if his eyes would find hers. But she knew she wasn’t at church to be […]

The Maker of Love (A Video Message)

They know what it’s like to be single, to wait, to doubt, to struggle, to be tempted, and even how to remain pure in a dating relationship. Most importantly, they also know Who made their love possible. In the following Keeping Room video, Tabor and Kristin share insights from their dating experience, and demonstrate their love story with the Maker of it at the center.  

Introducing a “Savings Master”

Meet Emma McDaniel. When Emma was just 12-years old, she became intentionally thrift for the sole purpose of giving to others. Emma began stretching her allowance through the use of coupons and by shopping at thrift stores so that she could make donations to women and children shelters and to the elderly. She even began hosting an annual […]

Shattering the Stereotype: A 15-Year Old Leads Prayer for his Generation

It’s natural to assume that 15-year old guys will play hours of video games every day and only think about girls. It’s understandable if you’re convinced that only a small group of guys could ever do something amazing for the Lord during the teen years. It’s common to narrowly define the entire teenage experience. Please don’t. Meet Josh Murphy. Josh is a 15-year-old […]