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Co-Dependent on Purpose: A Modern Day Parenting Identity

In the back of your mind, co-dependency is known to be a bad thing; but if you’re a parent with kids at home right now, you might be in a co-dependent relationship with one or more of your kids anyway. If you feel like you’re living your son’s or daughter’s life almost as much as s/he is, […]

You’re Good Enough

You’ve taken the steps to be a Christian (click here for last week’s article on the journey from spiritual death to eternal life), but you worry you’re missing something. You wonder why you feel more aligned with the label “sinner” than the status of “righteous man/woman.” You’re even feeling like you’re just not as good as some […]

Why You Need to Spend More Time in the Bad News

Believer in Christ, before you discovered Jesus, you were spiritually dead. He was with you and drawing you to Him because you were desperately missing something. All the worst things you ever believe about yourself now, were actually true before you met Jesus. In fact, no matter how much good was in you before Jesus […]

One Burning Question Girls Are Still Asking about Feeling Priceless

As a Christian wanting to feel more confident, you’ve studied the Gospel, acknowledge the human sinful condition, and claim your status in Christ as a believer. (Foundation). You’ve also dug into Scriptural passages that speak of the Lord’s proclamation of love for His people. (Bond) (for details, click here for last week’s article). But some of you are stuck. Specifically […]

When You Can’t Get Anything Right

You’ve concluded that it’s you. Something about you messes up relationships…causes people to leave you out…makes you disappointing or not measure up…or causes things to happen only to you. Thinking this way can make you emotionally and spiritually ill from a mass of self-condemnation. But what might happen if you produced antibodies of repentance instead?  What if you looked […]

Are You as Responsible as You Think You Are?

You know the obvious traits of a responsible person, such as keeping up with your belongings, showing up to work or school on time, paying your bills, and prioritizing your daily activities. Those skills are taught from an early age and are somewhat reinforced in this culture. However, there is a deeper layer of personal […]

When She’s So Desperate to Fit In

It could be your friend, your daughter, or even your daughter’s friend’s mother! But chances are, you know a Christian girl who is practically panting to be popular. The obsession is so gripping that she cannot stop herself, no matter how unsatisfied she may feel. Could she (or should she) be saved from this desire? […]

How to Figure Out Your Purpose in Life

Does it seem like everyone knows what they’re meant to do in life while you’re just not feeling it?  Well, you’re further along in this journey than you realize; you just need to catch up to the facts. Biblical Starting Point: Your initial mission is completely spelled out for you: L.O.V.E. You were distinctly designed […]

Are you performing beneath your qualifications?

Dear Believer in Christ, Not only does God’s Word tell you who you already are (accepted, loved, complete, free, forgiven, righteous), but as such, God has also explained what you are already pre-qualified to do. Biblical Starting Point: You are pre-qualified to flavor the earth – Jesus said: “You are the salt of the earth…” (Mt. […]

Why there? (The Holy Spirit’s Purposes for Living inside You)

Jesus prayed that all of His future followers (like you) would remain in Him…and He promised that He would be in you (Jn. 15:4; 17:20-26; Acts. 2:38-39). But why? For His grand purposes He takes up residence within His believers to bring you into complete unity in Him, to show the world He came to save sinners, and to spread His message to […]