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When Teens & Kids are Grieving the Loss of a Peer

Grief in teens and kids is felt and processed somewhat differently than for adults. This is okay. Their emotions and cognitions are in developmental progress. And when youth are grieving the loss of “one of their own,” some of them may attempt to isolate from adults, feeling that their grief is too different to connect […]

Do You Need Help with Grieving?

You don’t live in an age or place that gives you a standardized grieving period. So, how do you know what it’s supposed to look like? How will you know if you’ve processed your grief long enough, or if you were ever prematurely rushed to get back to your normal routine? Grieving the Loss of Someone you […]

An Example of a Christian’s Therapeutic Playlist

Whether you referred to it as a “mix-tape” or a playlist, at some point you’ve possibly compiled a list of songs that reflected a season of your life such as a painful break-up or a fantastic summer camp experience. In those situations, the songs can tend to be all sad or completely celebratory. With a […]

Circles of Care (Surrounding yourself with the right support at the right time)

Is there a chance you are trying to live your life too much on your own? It’s good to periodically determine if you are receiving the emotional support you need in order to reach a new level of faith, and be all that the Lord intended. There are various types of circles of care to consider […]

Walking through Something Hard when the Person you’re Walking With is Not Keeping Up

The incidences are high of married couples whose marriages become strained or even end when they endure something tragic, such as the loss of a child. It really is not surprising that men and women grieve, process, and experience emotion very differently from one another, and hardship is certainly a time the differences are revealed. In […]

Experiencing Grief & Suffering

Loss, death, grief, pain, and suffering – these difficulties aren’t part of your eternal future, but they are here now. Support, counseling, prayer, and time will help and lead you toward breakthroughs, but difficult circumstances remain. How can you pay attention to God’s promises of joy and peace when there is ongoing pain? Keeping Room Tips: Feel your feelings. Confusion, […]