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When You Can’t Get Anything Right

You’ve concluded that it’s you. Something about you messes up relationships…causes people to leave you out…makes you disappointing or not measure up…or causes things to happen only to you. Thinking this way can make you emotionally and spiritually ill from a mass of self-condemnation. But what might happen if you produced antibodies of repentance instead?  What if you looked […]

Are You as Responsible as You Think You Are?

You know the obvious traits of a responsible person, such as keeping up with your belongings, showing up to work or school on time, paying your bills, and prioritizing your daily activities. Those skills are taught from an early age and are somewhat reinforced in this culture. However, there is a deeper layer of personal […]

4 Perfect Things to Do When You Haven’t Been Treated Right

Be careful. It is hard not to retaliate or seek justice when you’ve been wronged. And you’ve probably even been told that it’s your right to punish those who hurt you. Then, of course, social media makes it seem so normal to lash out against your offenders, or to even take them down. But all […]

The One Thing You might be Missing to Help You Really Relax

No matter how hard you try, there’s just something that makes you feel not quite at rest with yourself. You just can’t seem to ever fully be at total peace. You know that if you trace this unsettled state to the source – you’ll find that it has to do with your view of the way […]

The Freedom Continuum (Are you as free as can be?)

The pressure is intensifying, and as a Christian you have a good reason to wonder what is going to happen to your freedom in this country. While you prayerfully prepare yourself for what is going to externally impact you, it is also a good time to evaluate how much freedom you are personally experiencing internally. The […]

What to do when you don’t have any control

If you are in a situation where you feel like you have very little control or insufficient involvement, it would be common and understandable for you to feel anxious or depressed at times. You may be tempted to give up and become inactive within your circumstances. While it may be true that you do not have […]

Don’t Make Rules (Unless you can back them up)

One of the Ten Commandments forbids lying (Ex. 20:16), but the reason behind the commandment is explained throughout the Bible. If you keep reading, God’s Word reveals how lying pulls people away from God, is destructive to relationships, robs of integrity, and can lead to personal demise. So, as a righteous child of God, when […]