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How Many Apologies Does It Take?

So you’ve messed up and apologized. You only owe one apology per offense, right? Not necessarily. Yes, the person you wronged is commanded to be quick to forgive you, but some cases can be better resolved after multiple apologies. Likewise, several layers of apologies may be helpful to restore intimacy. As a Christian, you are not […]

4 Perfect Things to Do When You Haven’t Been Treated Right

Be careful. It is hard not to retaliate or seek justice when you’ve been wronged. And you’ve probably even been told that it’s your right to punish those who hurt you. Then, of course, social media makes it seem so normal to lash out against your offenders, or to even take them down. But all […]

The Cascades of Forgiveness (and discovering where you might be stuck)

There’s more to forgiveness than having Jesus cancel your debt of sin. There’s actually a flow of forgiveness events. 1. Once you hear about your pardon from God, it’s up to you to receive His forgiveness. Receiving forgiveness does not necessarily happen naturally or automatically, but requires you to be open and to have faith. […]

Learning from Stories of Forgiveness, Part 2: Forgiveness Makes Dreams Come True

*A Marriage Story:  She dreamed of love like every other girl, but her dreams were shattered when her husband abandoned their family for a reckless lifestyle. She endured 10 years of pain and suffering waiting to get her dream back. Yet, she was prepared to offer radical forgiveness to her repenting husband because she truly understood that […]

Learning from Stories of Forgiveness, Part 1: Forgiveness Trumps Time

*A Marriage Story: She became a Christian after they got married, but he could not stop seeking pleasure and fulfillment in bad things. Her friends encouraged her to end the marriage, but she sensed that the Lord was telling her not to give up. She waited and prayed for him for 10 years. Then one […]

The Gardener, The Surgeon & The Makeup Consultant

From a distance, the Azalea Bushes looked healthy and pretty. They were planted in a good place to grow and everyone thought they were serving a good purpose. But the gardener knew better. The gardener knelt down close to the bushes and saw what others could not see. He saw the chaos inside the row […]

Lose the Fig Leaves

You feel guilty. You worry that you are too guilty to possibly be right with God and at times you just feel a general sense of guilt. You are not alone. But there is a reassuring Truth for you to know about God’s Son, Jesus, and how He took care of sin. Once sin entered humanity, Adam and Eve were naked with […]