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You’re Good Enough

You’ve taken the steps to be a Christian (click here for last week’s article on the journey from spiritual death to eternal life), but you worry you’re missing something. You wonder why you feel more aligned with the label “sinner” than the status of “righteous man/woman.” You’re even feeling like you’re just not as good as some […]

Getting Your Needs Met (Understanding how it works)

You’ve heard the promise that God will satisfy all your needs, that He is enough, and that He’s all you need (Is. 58:11; 2 Cor. 9:8, 12:9; Phil. 4:19). But you may not know what to do with that promise. After all, God’s not going to cook your meals for you or be there in […]

His Plan for you Can’t “Slip Away”

The words of Jeremiah 29:11 are so familiar that you might be tempted to rush past the significance of them: God knows the plans He has for you. That means that God made certain plans for you. But it can be so tempting to take matters into your own hands, especially when His plans don’t […]

What good is having His “Shield” if you’re not behind it?

Psalm 91 is popular with those who are longing for God’s great protection because this beautiful Psalm provides comfort and promises to the reader in need. However, this Psalm isn’t meant to be a magic formula for someone to just pick up, read, and expect that all of a sudden everything will be ok. Unfortunately, there are some […]

Ways to Go Deeper: With the Holy Spirit

Because you are a Believer, the Holy Spirit resides in your heart. And while you know that, how well do you know Him? (Jn. 14:17)  Go deeper to get to know the Holy Spirit better, and you’ll be amazed at how adventurous, creative, and exhilarating your faith will become. Keeping Room Tips: *Let the Holy […]

Going Deeper with God: With the Son

You’ve heard the story a thousand times: Jesus is the Son of God, the Messiah, who died and rose to save you. But, if anything was ever considered “epic” and worth a renewed wonder, this one act of righteousness would be it (Rom. 5:18). Determine to comprehend more and more what this Savior did for […]

Ways to Go Deeper: With the Father

Having a basic faith works for a time, but it might not “cut it” in times of great temptation or deep suffering. One of the most loving gifts you could ever give yourself or your loved ones is to explore the idea of deepening your Christian faith. The Bible doesn’t give one formula for growing […]

What you need to know about that Christian College or University

Many higher learning institutions were founded on Christian principles and were often affiliated with churches. However, even if many of these schools still carry their historical names today, that doesn’t mean they have upheld their original approaches. If you determine that a Christian school is the best choice for you or the student in your life, it would […]

Are You Lopsided?

When it comes to human design, you know that you are more than just a body…you are more than the sum of your thoughts…and you are more than a mere emotional being. Yet, you have probably been influenced to relate with God in one of those areas more than in the others. For example, someone […]

Have you doubted yet?

Have you asked: “Why does God allow bad things to happen?” “Why, God?” “How do I make sense of this?” “Where is God in the midst of this suffering and pain?” Christian actor and film-maker, Kirk Cameron, also wrestled with questions about his faith when he watched numerous seriously ill children die. He decided to find […]