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The Missing Key To Finding Balance

Desiring balance is a worthy goal, but are Americans really all that balanced? There is so much focus in society to be extremely successful while also being perfectly balanced that you may be confused and actually find yourself unsuccessful and out-of-balance. But there is a way to find that happy medium. At the core of being balanced is having […]

For Teen Girls: A Quiz and An Invitation

Do you sometimes have a hard time making decisions? Do you regret some of the decisions you’ve made recently? Do you sometimes upset people by what you say/post? Do you worry you aren’t smart enough, or do you even sometimes feel stupid? Do you wish you weren’t so moody, or didn’t feel so much? Do you have a […]

When the Desires of your Heart…Blow up in your Face

If God tells you to delight in Him and He will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4), why does that sometimes include the destruction of your dreams? When the desires of your heart explode in front of your face, you can be left with soot, ashes, and pain. Asking why is often a part of […]

Anxiety: When there are More Symptoms & Solutions Than You Know What To Do With

You probably know that chronic nail biting and stressing-out over loss of control are signs of anxiety, but did you know that resistance to logic…breath-holding… sensitivity to little sounds…and being quick to say “no” can also be connected to anxiety? In fact, there are too many traits of anxiety to include in one blog article. The […]

What’s In Your Emergency Survival Kit?

You’ve got your flashlight should you lose power, and your water bottles should the stores run out, but what do you have at the ready when you are struck with a serious emotional situation? There’s a good chance you may never find yourself trapped or stranded without water or a flashlight, but if you interact […]

An Exercise to Bring You Peace & Help You Make Progress

It’s famously used in times of fear, and often recited in order to comfort, but interacting deeply with Psalm 91 can bring about other benefits as well. This fresh approach can be especially useful for reducing anxiety…and provides a terrific opportunity to interact with Scripture in a growth-producing manner. Jen’s Keeping Room Tips:  Instead of reading straight […]

2 Reasons Cussing is Bad for You

Foul language echoes up to heaven because it’s a soul issue. First, the release of a bad word reveals an opportunity for emotional growth. Those who are emotionally mature know how to control strong and negative emotions…are able to specifically express feelings in a gentle tone…receive help from the Lord in being calm and comforted…and aim […]

Take Note: Presidential Elections Can Throw Off Your Emotional Focus

Both Clinton’s and Trump’s campaigns zone in on your emotions in order to inflate them because they know that feelings lead to votes. If you think about it, of course fear and anxiety are emotions that are frequently preyed upon during election years. And guess what research points to as the emotion politicians most want to target in you? […]

Do You Need Help with Grieving?

You don’t live in an age or place that gives you a standardized grieving period. So, how do you know what it’s supposed to look like? How will you know if you’ve processed your grief long enough, or if you were ever prematurely rushed to get back to your normal routine? Grieving the Loss of Someone you […]

An Example of a Christian’s Therapeutic Playlist

Whether you referred to it as a “mix-tape” or a playlist, at some point you’ve possibly compiled a list of songs that reflected a season of your life such as a painful break-up or a fantastic summer camp experience. In those situations, the songs can tend to be all sad or completely celebratory. With a […]