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When the Desires of your Heart…Blow up in your Face

If God tells you to delight in Him and He will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4), why does that sometimes include the destruction of your dreams? When the desires of your heart explode in front of your face, you can be left with soot, ashes, and pain. Asking why is often a part of […]

If You Don’t Know Your Unique Calling Yet, This One’s For You

You can learn at a very early age that all Christians have the general purpose to live for God’s glory (Ps. 115:1; Gal 1:5; 2 Tim. 4:18). What you may not experience until adulthood is that every individual, including you, has a distinctive mission as well. (1 Sam. 16:12; Esther 4:14; 1 Tim. 1:18; 2 Tim. […]

How to Figure Out Your Purpose in Life

Does it seem like everyone knows what they’re meant to do in life while you’re just not feeling it?  Well, you’re further along in this journey than you realize; you just need to catch up to the facts. Biblical Starting Point: Your initial mission is completely spelled out for you: L.O.V.E. You were distinctly designed […]

When God Doesn’t Fix It (a Book Recommendation)

God has used Perimeter Church Worship Leader and Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Laura Story’s marriage to Martin Elvington to bring attention to the full story of His Word, His story, and His truth. As told in her book, “When God Doesn’t Fix It, Lessons you Never wanted to Learn, Truths you can’t Live Without,” Martin is […]

His Plan for you Can’t “Slip Away”

The words of Jeremiah 29:11 are so familiar that you might be tempted to rush past the significance of them: God knows the plans He has for you. That means that God made certain plans for you. But it can be so tempting to take matters into your own hands, especially when His plans don’t […]

Aging According to the Kingdom

Modern culture advertises the aging process as something negative that you are to resist and conceal. And perhaps society has reached this view because of the many persons who live with no future hope and the elderly who put forth no effort. But have you considered what the Kingdom culture has to say about aging? “Gray […]

Responding to Dreams

You know about Joseph’s childhood. He was the favorite son, the only son presented with a “coat of many colors,” and the one who earned the envy of all his brothers. Before your mind jumps ahead to where he is sold into slavery by his jealous, enraged brothers, don’t forget the part where Joseph dreams […]

A Dream Date for Prom

Yesterday afternoon, a teen girl called the prayer line at a local radio station. Her prayer request was about Prom. She wasn’t praying for a certain guy to ask her to be his date. She wasn’t worried that everyone else would go in a group to Prom while she was stuck home alone. She wasn’t […]