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A Vital Book for Middle Schoolers, with Essential Information for High Schoolers & Parents

“Shut Up: Silence the Negative Thoughts in your Head,” by Christy Pierce is a book that would be very significant for middle school students (and their parents) to read. And for high school students, who are already well into these trenches, this book review provides relevant advice. Ultimately, “Shut Up” points out – There are multi-faceted reasons for […]

The “Drug” of this Generation

If you’ve heard of Cutting, or know people who inflict self-harm by purposely Cutting their bodies, you may have wondered if these actions are attempts to end life. Even though the act of Cutting oneself is physically dangerous, someone who Cuts is not necessarily suicidal. Actually, non-suicidal self-injury is an ongoing, serious addictive behavior that shows […]

Understanding Cutting

There are times when a person will self-inflict physical pain as a distraction in order to avoid experiencing painful emotions. For example, the temptation for self-injury in the form of Cutting is very real and powerful for certain hurting people, usually females. Cutting is an unhealthy way of coping with unbearable emotions, and unfortunately, has found acceptance and even promotion on the internet. Of […]