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How Many Apologies Does It Take?

So you’ve messed up and apologized. You only owe one apology per offense, right? Not necessarily. Yes, the person you wronged is commanded to be quick to forgive you, but some cases can be better resolved after multiple apologies. Likewise, several layers of apologies may be helpful to restore intimacy. As a Christian, you are not […]

Want Teens to Talk to You? Start By Asking This Essential Question

In last week’s Keeping Room article, it was emphasized that youth need to stop believing lies about adults not being trustworthy, and adults need to do as much as they can to encourage kids to talk to them. Meanwhile, the Dean of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, James E. Ryan, has just released a book entitled […]

2 Reasons Cussing is Bad for You

Foul language echoes up to heaven because it’s a soul issue. First, the release of a bad word reveals an opportunity for emotional growth. Those who are emotionally mature know how to control strong and negative emotions…are able to specifically express feelings in a gentle tone…receive help from the Lord in being calm and comforted…and aim […]

Dealing with Lies and Those Who Tell Them

Why do kids and teens lie to their parents? Why do some people fib so incessantly that it’s a habitual automatic response?  Some explanations include: To avoid getting into trouble, not wanting to make someone mad Fearing the potential reaction to the truth, experiencing shame Driven by what others will think if the truth is told, wanting to […]

Online Body-Building (The best way to use social media)

What decision have you made when it comes to social media? Have you forgotten what life is like without it? Or do you stay away from it as much as you can? It might not be for everyone, but if you or your teens are already active on social media, there are ways to make it even […]

The Powerful One-Sentence (When fewer words are best)

There’s something wonderful about one of those long talks over coffee or lunch with a close friend…or talking on the phone half the night with someone you’re getting to know…or going on a run with a friend who is such a great conversationalist you forget that your feet are screaming at you. But there are […]