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Should Everyone Go to College after High School?

The decade you’re in your 20’s has more available to you than media and college admissions departments would have you believe. In fact, “success” doesn’t have to be defined so narrowly at all. For example, The Foto Sisters – Addie, Katie, and Gaylyn are classically trained musicians using their talents in strings, piano, and vocals […]

College Exploration: GEORGIA COLLEGE

A rare gem in the middle of the state, Georgia College is a public liberal arts university. This means it has a private school atmosphere for the public school cost. This school of 6,000+ students is not for everyone, but it offers some unique qualities that are just right for some. Jen’s Keeping Room Tips: […]

4 Reasons Abstaining from Pre-marital Sex is So Romantic

You know there’s benefits to waiting for marriage to have sex, but you sort of forgot what they are. People ask you to defend your position, but you stumble over what to say. The noisy, promiscuous messages all around you have drowned out His quiet, still voice beckoning you to focus on His very special and glorious […]

The Summer Before Leaving for College (A Resource for Families Wanting to be Prepared)

If you or your student is even close to approaching college age, this article is for you. You might think the hard part is over once you’ve been accepted to college, but be aware that the summer before leaving home can have some significant stressors. It’s also a time when you can feel a sense […]

Her First Love (Why He’s the One)

The single 19-year old girl sat on the front row in church between her parents and her married siblings. The 23-year old guy leading worship on stage caught her attention. She felt the temptation to stare at him to see if his eyes would find hers. But she knew she wasn’t at church to be […]

What you need to know about that Christian College or University

Many higher learning institutions were founded on Christian principles and were often affiliated with churches. However, even if many of these schools still carry their historical names today, that doesn’t mean they have upheld their original approaches. If you determine that a Christian school is the best choice for you or the student in your life, it would […]

Continue the College Discussion: Audio Now Available

In case you missed it, The Keeping Room blog article, College Students: A Most Vulnerable Age Group was featured on the Victory 91.5 Rise & Stein show last week. You now have another opportunity to listen to the show and to continue to keep this important demographic in your mind as you consider the people in […]

LIVE RADIO Discussion TODAY: Caring for College Students

Note from Jen Hughes: THIS MORNING at 8:15 EST, I will be a guest on the Rise & Stein Show, where we will be discussing the current challenges facing College Students. This will be a candid conversation about the circumstances of these students today, while also providing listeners with hope, encouragement, and ideas. You can listen to the show at Victory […]

Praying for Students

Do you feel so discouraged by the student environment that you do more worrying than praying? Have you gotten to the point where your prayers are all groans and cries lately, and you are longing for more power-packed wording when you communicate with God about students these days? Or would you say you’re full of oft-said prayers, but they feel […]

College Students: A Most Vulnerable Age Group

College students face some tough situations: They experience intense peer pressure to live an impure, party lifestyle Anxiety rates among their cohorts have dramatically increased The transition from home to college can be complicated (due to new freedoms, bad decision-making, poor coping, lack of good identity formation, inadequate relationships with parents, previously unaddressed emotional issues, increased demands, weak study […]