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Understanding Your Friends Who Have Experienced Trauma

Do you know anyone who has experienced trauma at some point – such as having been abused or shamed as a child, utterly rejected by a loved one, or faced extreme trials or loss? And if all is well now, you may be wondering why such intense emotionality remains. Read in her own words how someone with past […]

What’s In Your Emergency Survival Kit?

You’ve got your flashlight should you lose power, and your water bottles should the stores run out, but what do you have at the ready when you are struck with a serious emotional situation? There’s a good chance you may never find yourself trapped or stranded without water or a flashlight, but if you interact […]

Should Everyone Go to College after High School?

The decade you’re in your 20’s has more available to you than media and college admissions departments would have you believe. In fact, “success” doesn’t have to be defined so narrowly at all. For example, The Foto Sisters – Addie, Katie, and Gaylyn are classically trained musicians using their talents in strings, piano, and vocals […]

Are You as Responsible as You Think You Are?

You know the obvious traits of a responsible person, such as keeping up with your belongings, showing up to work or school on time, paying your bills, and prioritizing your daily activities. Those skills are taught from an early age and are somewhat reinforced in this culture. However, there is a deeper layer of personal […]

Hair Pulling – Why is This a Thing?

It’s a real condition (Trichotillomania) that someone in your life could be facing. “Trich” (pronounced “Trick”) causes people to pull out hair – causing bald spots in areas such as the scalp….or noticeable absence of eyelashes or eyebrows. Trich is part of a family of conditions referred to as Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRB’s) that, […]

A Prayer Sheet for Parents & Grandparents of Campers & Travelers

If a child in your life is going away to camp this summer, or perhaps to another country for a mission trip, you may feel worried at times and wish you knew the most comforting, power-filled ways to pray. And maybe you’re also quite busy yourself and wish you had a convenient resource to help […]

An Example of a Christian’s Therapeutic Playlist

Whether you referred to it as a “mix-tape” or a playlist, at some point you’ve possibly compiled a list of songs that reflected a season of your life such as a painful break-up or a fantastic summer camp experience. In those situations, the songs can tend to be all sad or completely celebratory. With a […]

How to Suffer

You’re going through something hard. Really hard. And you know there’s probably a better way to go through it, but you’re just not sure how. Jen’s Keeping Room Tips: 1.Remind yourself that you are called to suffer. Why should this make you feel any better? Because it’s a sign that you matter. You’re worth having […]

The Teen Depression Epidemic & How You Can Help

What’s happening to the joy of youth? They are being prescribed anti-depressants in record numbers Many are in therapy for emotional & physical self-harm Others are self-medicating their hurts with drugs, alcohol, food, unhealthy relationships, and/or sex Plenty are missing school because they can’t get out of bed Oftentimes, parents and friends are at a […]

When God Doesn’t Fix It (a Book Recommendation)

God has used Perimeter Church Worship Leader and Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Laura Story’s marriage to Martin Elvington to bring attention to the full story of His Word, His story, and His truth. As told in her book, “When God Doesn’t Fix It, Lessons you Never wanted to Learn, Truths you can’t Live Without,” Martin is […]