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You’re Good Enough

You’ve taken the steps to be a Christian (click here for last week’s article on the journey from spiritual death to eternal life), but you worry you’re missing something. You wonder why you feel more aligned with the label “sinner” than the status of “righteous man/woman.” You’re even feeling like you’re just not as good as some […]

Responding to Cultural Norms: What’s a concerned Christian to do?

Examples of Societal Norms of Generations Past: Kids would stay outside all day (parents often had no idea where) until the supper bell rang Smoking was as common at dinner parties as hors d’oeuvres Public places were segregated based on race Significant Norms Today: Most people can be found with a device in their hand […]

What if Stephen had been Your Boyfriend?

When Christians talk about Stephen’s story of martyrdom, understandably a lot of focus is on Stephen’s final hours, when he saw Jesus in heaven. But there is a larger picture (Acts 6-7) of this man who was chosen by the disciples to help carry out their work. His qualities were as follows: Cared about widows Had […]

The Hunger Cries of Today’s Christian Teens

Think parents don’t have much influence? Think again. In a recent poll of active Christian teens, the majority of them communicated the following: When they see their parents reading their Bibles, they are more apt to read theirs They ask their parents questions about the Bible far more than they ask friends or teachers In […]

2 Reasons Cussing is Bad for You

Foul language echoes up to heaven because it’s a soul issue. First, the release of a bad word reveals an opportunity for emotional growth. Those who are emotionally mature know how to control strong and negative emotions…are able to specifically express feelings in a gentle tone…receive help from the Lord in being calm and comforted…and aim […]

The One Thing You might be Missing to Help You Really Relax

No matter how hard you try, there’s just something that makes you feel not quite at rest with yourself. You just can’t seem to ever fully be at total peace. You know that if you trace this unsettled state to the source – you’ll find that it has to do with your view of the way […]

Are you performing beneath your qualifications?

Dear Believer in Christ, Not only does God’s Word tell you who you already are (accepted, loved, complete, free, forgiven, righteous), but as such, God has also explained what you are already pre-qualified to do. Biblical Starting Point: You are pre-qualified to flavor the earth – Jesus said: “You are the salt of the earth…” (Mt. […]

Why there? (The Holy Spirit’s Purposes for Living inside You)

Jesus prayed that all of His future followers (like you) would remain in Him…and He promised that He would be in you (Jn. 15:4; 17:20-26; Acts. 2:38-39). But why? For His grand purposes He takes up residence within His believers to bring you into complete unity in Him, to show the world He came to save sinners, and to spread His message to […]

Don’t Make Rules (Unless you can back them up)

One of the Ten Commandments forbids lying (Ex. 20:16), but the reason behind the commandment is explained throughout the Bible. If you keep reading, God’s Word reveals how lying pulls people away from God, is destructive to relationships, robs of integrity, and can lead to personal demise. So, as a righteous child of God, when […]

Gentleness from another World – Available to You

Dr. Kent Brantly suffered from the Ebola virus and came closer to death than many have ever come. Yet, he’s not all over the news shouting “YOLO!” (you only live once), he’s not writing a book describing his near-death experience in distasteful detail, and he’s not obnoxiously touting a newly made bucket list. Dr. Brantly […]