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Not Just Another Book About Shame & Overcoming Your Past

Is “Unashamed” just another book in a sea of self-help books? Or is it really worth a read? If you can’t seem to move forward or need something highly practical to help you deal with your past or beat your struggles with shame, this book offers excellent examples and precise strategies of what you can […]

How Many Apologies Does It Take?

So you’ve messed up and apologized. You only owe one apology per offense, right? Not necessarily. Yes, the person you wronged is commanded to be quick to forgive you, but some cases can be better resolved after multiple apologies. Likewise, several layers of apologies may be helpful to restore intimacy. As a Christian, you are not […]

“The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” – Can you trust this book?

The New York Times Best Seller is everywhere. But is it a scam offering empty promises? And is it a good idea for Christians to be reading a pretty hardcover about magic? Biblical Starting Point: There are at least three arguments in favor of this secular publication being used to bring about change for a Christian. […]

Deciding to Decide

Are you struggling to create a new routine or to find lasting change in a particular area? One blogger offers a fresh perspective on what you may be lacking: “I used to get up every morning by 6am or sooner and I would be awake and ready to get out of bed. I was so regular […]

A Simple Goal-Setting Exercise that leads to Results

It doesn’t matter if you make New Year’s Resolutions or refuse to have anything to do with such notions, it is natural to view the year ahead in terms of results or change. But, as you well know, merely having dreams, goals, or objectives doesn’t predict success. This year, try a more precise method. Keeping Room […]

How to Experience Real Transformation in Your Life

While some Christians tell a dramatic “before and after” story, you may describe your faith-life as “not where I used to be, but still not where I want to be.” But have you been staring at “not where I want to be” for far too long? You’re a Christian after all, so where is your miraculous change? Biblical Starting […]

Make Room for an Over-sized God (Don’t settle for an idol you can hide in your pocket)

Try to wrap your brain around this visual: Right now, God is sitting on the throne of heaven and His feet are propped up on the earth! (Is. 66:1) He has fullness that spans heaven and earth, yet He lives within Christian human bodies. There is a God who is literally love, literally peace, literally […]

Walking through Something Hard when the Person you’re Walking With is Not Keeping Up

The incidences are high of married couples whose marriages become strained or even end when they endure something tragic, such as the loss of a child. It really is not surprising that men and women grieve, process, and experience emotion very differently from one another, and hardship is certainly a time the differences are revealed. In […]

Choose your “Word” (An Activity to Help you Focus on your Goals)

Perhaps you’ve heard of other people doing this around New Year’s – choosing a “word” for the year. And now with the month of August comes a slew of students returning to school, summer newlyweds beginning their lives together, many new prayers being uttered, and summer changing to autumn. Therefore, it’s a good time to reconsider […]

Are you Training? Or Just Working-Out? (Knowing the difference can help you achieve success for all your endeavors)

If you’ve been having trouble meeting some of your goals lately (in anything), take this Mini-Quiz below to see if you notice any patterns that might explain the mediocre results. Then, read the Keeping Room Tips for support and solutions to help you learn how to love training. Mini-Quiz: When you exercise, do you a) generally feel proud to […]