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Want Teens to Talk to You? Start By Asking This Essential Question

In last week’s Keeping Room article, it was emphasized that youth need to stop believing lies about adults not being trustworthy, and adults need to do as much as they can to encourage kids to talk to them. Meanwhile, the Dean of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, James E. Ryan, has just released a book entitled […]

A Vital Book for Middle Schoolers, with Essential Information for High Schoolers & Parents

“Shut Up: Silence the Negative Thoughts in your Head,” by Christy Pierce is a book that would be very significant for middle school students (and their parents) to read. And for high school students, who are already well into these trenches, this book review provides relevant advice. Ultimately, “Shut Up” points out – There are multi-faceted reasons for […]

Ideas for Leaving a Spiritual Legacy in Your Family

The book is written for men, but any family member can read it and help promote the concept. The author, Terence Chatmon, provides 1) compelling inspiration and 2) personal examples in his book, Do Your Children Believe, Becoming Intentional About Your Family’s Faith and Spiritual Legacy. By providing both motivation and practical application, Chatmon emphasizes the […]

The Second Most Important Thing This World Needs

The most important thing the world needs is Jesus, of course. But do you know what #2 is? It’s boys who grow up to become successful men. And no, the promoting of men is not a disadvantage to girls. And no, this country is not doing a good job of making men anymore. But you […]

“Good & Angry” – A Book for Everyone

Don’t bristle when you read this, but Executive Director of the Christian Counseling & Education Foundation, David Powlison, believes everyone has an anger problem. And in his book, “Good & Angry, Redeeming Anger, Irritation, Complaining, and Bitterness” he not only makes his compelling, Biblical argument, but provides explanations and action steps that help you solve […]

Bible Censorship: It’s a thing and you might be doing it

In his book, “Uncensored, Daring to Embrace the Entire Bible,” Brian Cosby reveals the damaging influence the world has had on Christian understanding of the Word of God, and the improvements you can make in your beliefs so that you will not be guilty of censoring Scripture for personal comfort. Consider these statements: “This book has […]

A Great Bible Study You Can Do This Summer

“The Good News About Satan” might not sound like poolside Bible reading, but this short book by Bob Bevington can impact your summer* more than any other activity you might plan. In addition to receiving a thorough Biblical background about the devil, you will learn: *Just how much of a threat he actually is, given that […]

Do You Need Help with Grieving?

You don’t live in an age or place that gives you a standardized grieving period. So, how do you know what it’s supposed to look like? How will you know if you’ve processed your grief long enough, or if you were ever prematurely rushed to get back to your normal routine? Grieving the Loss of Someone you […]

“The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” – Can you trust this book?

The New York Times Best Seller is everywhere. But is it a scam offering empty promises? And is it a good idea for Christians to be reading a pretty hardcover about magic? Biblical Starting Point: There are at least three arguments in favor of this secular publication being used to bring about change for a Christian. […]

How Serious is your Entitlement Disease? (Everyone has it)

Thanks to fallen human nature, you were born with a mild disease that Dr. John Townsend calls “pocket entitlement” – sometimes feeling like you’re owed more, or sometimes thinking that you’re better than something or someone. But if your illness has reached stage IV, focusing all of the time on what you believe you deserve, then your health condition has reached […]