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2 Things Anxiety Loves To Do To People

Because anxiety is rooted in fear, it casts a spell of avoidance on its victims to to keep them away from what is scary. And this goes far beyond heights or terrifying carnival rides. For example, even procrastination and indecisiveness are ways that anxiety tries to take you out of action to prove its so-called […]

For Teen Girls: A Quiz and An Invitation

Do you sometimes have a hard time making decisions? Do you regret some of the decisions you’ve made recently? Do you sometimes upset people by what you say/post? Do you worry you aren’t smart enough, or do you even sometimes feel stupid? Do you wish you weren’t so moody, or didn’t feel so much? Do you have a […]

A Vital Book for Middle Schoolers, with Essential Information for High Schoolers & Parents

“Shut Up: Silence the Negative Thoughts in your Head,” by Christy Pierce is a book that would be very significant for middle school students (and their parents) to read. And for high school students, who are already well into these trenches, this book review provides relevant advice. Ultimately, “Shut Up” points out – There are multi-faceted reasons for […]

Anxiety: When there are More Symptoms & Solutions Than You Know What To Do With

You probably know that chronic nail biting and stressing-out over loss of control are signs of anxiety, but did you know that resistance to logic…breath-holding… sensitivity to little sounds…and being quick to say “no” can also be connected to anxiety? In fact, there are too many traits of anxiety to include in one blog article. The […]

4 Things You Need for a Better Night’s Sleep

If you struggle with falling asleep, or staying asleep, because you’re worried…anxious…upset…stressed…sad…lonely…overwhelmed…angry…or having any other strong emotion, there are promises in God’s Word about this. If you 1) keep wisdom in sight and 2) keep discretion in view, your sleep will be sweet (Prov. 3:21-24). If you 3) lay silent on your bed and ponder […]

An Exercise to Bring You Peace & Help You Make Progress

It’s famously used in times of fear, and often recited in order to comfort, but interacting deeply with Psalm 91 can bring about other benefits as well. This fresh approach can be especially useful for reducing anxiety…and provides a terrific opportunity to interact with Scripture in a growth-producing manner. Jen’s Keeping Room Tips:  Instead of reading straight […]

Hair Pulling – Why is This a Thing?

It’s a real condition (Trichotillomania) that someone in your life could be facing. “Trich” (pronounced “Trick”) causes people to pull out hair – causing bald spots in areas such as the scalp….or noticeable absence of eyelashes or eyebrows. Trich is part of a family of conditions referred to as Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRB’s) that, […]

Dread: A Hidden Fear-Disease

You know the feeling. In fact, just thinking about dread probably makes you feel a sense of it. Sometimes it’s mild, in the form of reluctance. Other times, you experience extreme apprehension. Given that the modern day world is already a stimulus for anxiety, it’s important to understand the implication and impact of feeling dread. […]

The Teen Depression Epidemic & How You Can Help

What’s happening to the joy of youth? They are being prescribed anti-depressants in record numbers Many are in therapy for emotional & physical self-harm Others are self-medicating their hurts with drugs, alcohol, food, unhealthy relationships, and/or sex Plenty are missing school because they can’t get out of bed Oftentimes, parents and friends are at a […]

How to Pursue Courage & Bravery (so that you don’t over-accept weakness & fear)

Among the Body of Christ, it is common to hear lovingly-spoken phrases like “Turn to God when you feel weak” or “Don’t be afraid, trust God.”  And certainly that encouragement is consistent with the Biblical advice found all throughout Scripture, especially in the book of Psalms. Indeed, “the Lord is the Strength of His people and delivers them from […]