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For Teen Girls: A Quiz and An Invitation

Do you sometimes have a hard time making decisions? Do you regret some of the decisions you’ve made recently? Do you sometimes upset people by what you say/post? Do you worry you aren’t smart enough, or do you even sometimes feel stupid? Do you wish you weren’t so moody, or didn’t feel so much? Do you have a […]

“Good & Angry” – A Book for Everyone

Don’t bristle when you read this, but Executive Director of the Christian Counseling & Education Foundation, David Powlison, believes everyone has an anger problem. And in his book, “Good & Angry, Redeeming Anger, Irritation, Complaining, and Bitterness” he not only makes his compelling, Biblical argument, but provides explanations and action steps that help you solve […]

4 Perfect Things to Do When You Haven’t Been Treated Right

Be careful. It is hard not to retaliate or seek justice when you’ve been wronged. And you’ve probably even been told that it’s your right to punish those who hurt you. Then, of course, social media makes it seem so normal to lash out against your offenders, or to even take them down. But all […]

How to Pull Yourself Together when your Emotions Take Over

You’re so mad, hurt, or stressed that you can’t see straight. You can’t think logically. And you forget to focus on what you told yourself was important. You want to let the Lord help you, but at the time you can’t concentrate on Him more than a few seconds before you start replaying the situation in […]

Dealing with Your Anger (Specifically in Parenting)

Especially if your kids are older, or if you have teens, at some point you may have found yourself in a situation where you felt more anger towards them than you ever thought was possible. The explanation could likely come from two factors: 1) you have been unable to control their behavior or 2) they […]

Dealing with Your Anger (Being a Good Manager of your Emotions)

Contrary to common thought, there are not simply 2 categories of anger – people who have it and people who don’t. Rather, anger is an emotion that most people, including generally sweet and gentle women, or quiet and reserved men, experience at various levels from time-to-time. Anger is a strong emotion that serves as a sign of something taking […]