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4 Reasons Abstaining from Pre-marital Sex is So Romantic

You know there’s benefits to waiting for marriage to have sex, but you sort of forgot what they are. People ask you to defend your position, but you stumble over what to say. The noisy, promiscuous messages all around you have drowned out His quiet, still voice beckoning you to focus on His very special and glorious […]

Should you be more affectionate, and if so, why?

The abundance of careless affection found in today’s society can lead many Christians to feel uncomfortable with Paul’s instruction to greet brothers and sisters with a holy kiss (1 Cor. 16:20). However, this Biblical principle invites you to examine and recalibrate affection in your life. A perfect way to begin is to visualize yourself in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago: You see an unattractive, unpopular, outcast […]